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         Orbit Microlader RACE     

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Orbit Microlader RACE w/PC Interface - One Of A Kind

Manufacturers Description: If you want to take off with your high-performance battery packs as soon as possible, the Orbit MICROLADER Race is your perfect choice. With charging and discharging currents of up to 8 Amperes, it will make friends with all those who don't want to wait too long to have fun! The convenient program selection provides all you need: automatic quick charging, reflex charging, normal charging, discharging, and forming (or reconditioning) of 1 to 12 NiCd cells as well as NiMh, lead, and 1-4 cells Lithium Ion/Tadiran batteries. This charger was $282.00 Get $150 Off on the last one. Operating the Orbit MICROLADER Race is easy: Use the control keys to select the individual operating modes from the main menu. In each mode you can directly enter the desired charging or discharging current or the number of cycles. The LCD display always shows you the battery voltage, battery current, charging time and charged electricity [mAh]. This device is not only a powerful quick charger, but also a maintenance and measuring device for demanding R/C hobbyists. Just like the other chargers of its family, the Orbit MICROLADER Race supports the optional PC interface for measurement data transfer and analysis on a PC with the Orbit MICROLOG software

Comments from Radical RC: This Orbit charger gives you the current capabilities of the Orbit Pro at the price of the Orbit 6.0 with a limit of 12 cells. Primarily focused on the RC car racer or turbo-jet pilot and not suggested for the electric pilot due to 12 cell limit. Orbit makes the Ultimate chargers. Very versital, very user friendly, very smart. If your looking for more than the ordinary, here it is. This charger does all current cells in common use and everything we can think of in the forseable furure.

This version includes the PC interface, cable and software.
SKU Number: EVO0650-05601OK

Price: $132.00 

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