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Original Medusa Research 28x32mm 2400kv Afterburner Motor - Product Image
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Original Medusa Research 28x32mm 2400kv Afterburner Motor

With all of the brushless motor choices available on the market, it is important to understand why we are different. Anyone can wind magnet wire and assemble a motor, but only a few can design a motor specifically for the RC enthusiast. All of our motors are designed in the USA by Medusa Research's experienced electric motor engineers, and were created with the needs of RC models in mind. Our design is the result of cutting edge computer simulation and years of real-world testing. For performance, price, and quality of workmanship, our motors are simply the best on the market today. Medusa's 28mm motors are designed to be speed 400 replacements that not only give you the efficiency of a brushless motor but even more power. These motors have identical mounting screw locations and come in 3 different lengths. The wide selection of Kv ratings make it easy to select the motor with the perfect size and power for your model whether it is direct drive or for gear drive applications.

Compare our specifications and you will see Medusa's 28mm motors are the best choice for your model.

Afterburner motors provide more power, higher efficiency, and longer flight times than other available brushless motors.

All Medusa Research motors are rated for 60,000 RPM operation.
2400RPM/V 0.85A 0.036 206W 23A 28A 25V 28 x 32mm 3.17mm 70g


SKU Number: MR-028-032-2400
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