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PARFIX 900 1 Ounce Odorless Foam Safe CA - Product Image
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PARFIX 900 1 Ounce Odorless Foam Safe CA

Foam Compatible, low odor and lower to medium viscosity cyanoacrylate that provides a "low bloom" cure on plastics and other materials.
APPLICATIONS: High performance wicking and bonding of close-fitting parts including: plastic, rubber, metal, wood, leather, fabric and composites to themselves or in various combinations
USEFUL HINTS/NOTES: When using with foam spritz the activator in the air and waft the foam part through the mist. It is recommended only very light applications of accelerator be used. Just a micro dusting of accelerator is all that is needed.

Note, CA adhesives keep a long time in the fridge or freezer. Just be sure to get the glue out an hour or two before you need to open it so it comes up to room temp fully. Buy extra now and lock up the savings.


SKU Number: PARF09001
Price: $10.95 

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