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Phaeton 90 Bipe Kit

.60 to 1.08 2 Stroke, .90 to 1.20 4 Stroke Engines. 70" Wingspan Biplane Kit.

Note, this is a vintage "used" kit from a collection. Appears complete and not started in any way. Items inside are not inventoried. Believed to be complete.

I acquired this kit from a toy collector who attended an estate sale and ended up with a bunch of balsa kits that did not fit into his early cast toy collection. This kit was found on a cement floor top down in the collectors garage. According to the collector, it had been there for approximately 30 days when I acquired it. Termites had infested the cardboard box top. I personally went through the kit and shook out all the paper debris and remaining insects. I found only one stick had any damage. I think it might have been a trailing edge. Had a couple small holes one end. The stick looks perfectly serviceable. I noticed no other damage to any wood. While doing this, we fogged the materials lightly with bug spray. There is no noticeable trace of bug spray left. When I got it back to the shop, I paid an employee to sort through it, organize it and make a new box top. He reported not finding any insects dead or alive when completed. We printed a label from the Balsa USA site and put it on the box. Termites love paper and had damaged the instructions a bit. We obtained a modern set from Balsa USA. The old damaged instructions and the new set are in the box for you. This is a nice kit in very good condition and nobody would have been able to guess it's history if I did not tell you the story here. Once belonged to JT Morningstar of Morningstar Chrysler Plymouth of Fairborn Ohio. He was a customer in my shop before passing away. Nice guy who loved model airplanes. We'll miss him. Get a fine kit that he never got around to building.

A new sealed kit is available from Balsa USA for $179 plus shipping. Here is a link to their website for all specifications. Balsa USA Phaeton 90.

These are nice classic big bipe kits. You'll enjoy flying her and have a story to tell about the history of this survivor. Another 60 days she might have only been a memory.



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