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Power Point Precision Magnetic Balancer

Precision ground balancing shaft, held between two powerful "Ceramic 8" magnets allows shaft to "float" for maximum sensitivity. Inexpensive and easy to use...essential for every modeler. Reduces prop vibration-reducing engine wear and prevents structural damage. Can be used anywhere-on the workbench or at the field. Constructed of long-lasting, high impact plastic and Nickel steel. Includes instructions explaining how to correct out-of-balance props, and even how to use the balancer to determine wind speed.

Can also be used to balance boat props, car wheels and tires, ducted fans, spinners, nose weights and more! Balances up to 24" propellers and any size wheels and tires.

Hints from Dave: Remember your physics, it requires energy to make a sound or shake an object back an forth. That vibration or sound energy (sound often caused by vibration) is energy that is not being used to turn your prop. It has a cost in battery life, top speed, rate of climb, almost any performance metric you can measure is injured by out of balance propellers and spinners.
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