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PowerBox Systems Adapter lead MPX/Deans - Product Image
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PowerBox Systems Adapter lead MPX/Deans

PowerBox Systems MPX female / Deans male, 10cm

Heavy-duty insulation of soldered joints
Excellent long-term functional properties
Soldered joints immune from oxidation
Vibration protection
Kink protection
Resistant to chemical influences
Temperature-resistant from -30?C to +90?C

The PowerBox PIK range of connectors exploits modern Hot-Melt technology to combine proven connector systems used in modelling applications.
All the joints in our cables are soldered on our premises, and subsequently checked by a second staff member for correct polarity and quality of workmanship. The connector is then placed in a specially made in

jection-moulding tool, in which it is encapsulated with a special plastic at a temperature of 220?C and a pressure of 10 bar.
This process permanently seals the soldered joints as well as acting as a strain relief. Neither mechanical stress nor environmental influences - such as damp or heat - can have any adverse effect on this connection. The plastic we use is resistant to vibration, oxidation, acids, alkalis and fuels, and is temperature-resistant from -30?C to +90?C
The cables we supply include types with different conductor cross-sections, adapters, charge leads and three-core servo leads. Cables with a cross-sectional area of up to 1.0 mm? have PVC insulation, while the 1.5 mm? and 2.5 mm? types feature silicone insulation.
We are anxious to protect you, our customers, from plagiarists, and for this reason we have registered the design and other quality characteristics of these products in the Design Register of the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (German Patent and Brand Office).
(Reference No. DE 40 2010 000 949.5, Rights Holder: PowerBox-Systems GmbH)

SKU Number: PBS123610
Price: $14.00 

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