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RCPWM2V PWM to Voltage Signal Converter

The RCPWM2V is a device that converts a standard hobby RC signal (1-2ms pulse) into a proportional analog voltage (0-5V).

In many electronics applications the main processor is constantly busy and does not have the ability to address the time-sensitive PWM signal from an RC receiver immediately. This results in signal distortion or a sluggish response due to the extra filtering required. The RCPWM2V provides a simple solution by converting the signal into an analog signal. The main processor can then read the signal whenever it has time.

The input connector is a standard keyed male Futaba connector that plugs directly into the RC receiver.

The output connector is ordered so that it mimics a potentiometer (Ground, Signal, 5v).

The converter must be powered by the output side. It can pass 3A to the receiver, but the real current limit will depend on the supply from the controller.


Price: $29.99 

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