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RRC 1.5mm Prop adaptor with 1.5mm shaft - Product Image
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RRC 1.5mm Prop adaptor with 1.5mm shaft

Fits 1.5mm (0.06") motor shafts and has 1.5mm "slip fit" prop shaft (measures 1.4mm). Allows you to slip on the GWS 3-2 and 3-3 props and secure with nut and washer included. This part fits many motors such as the: GWS 50XC, GWS IPS Direct, Feigao 12mm, Medusa 12mm, AON 12mm, GWS EDF Fan Motors and Graupner 150. Please note motor (1.5mm shaft) and prop are for illustration only.

Now comes with correct hex key.
SKU Number: RRCPA1.5-1.5

Price: $3.00 

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