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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         Radical RC 2150mah     

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Radical RC 2150mah 5 Cell 6V NIMH Battery Flat Pack - Product Image
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Radical RC 2150mah 5 Cell 6V NIMH Battery Flat Pack

Fits Futaba T6J and possibly some other Futaba TX's. Our battery is the same physical size but higher capacity than the recommended FUTM1473. Select Futaba J plug if you are purchasing for a T6J.

According to Great Planes, you may need a new battery cover to upgrade from the AA battery holder to this battery pack. Quote: "To use the NiMH battery FUTM1473, you will need to purchase charger FUTM1832. Then call Futaba Services at 217-398-8970 option 2 and they will send you a battery door- HSP82469. If you already have a charger and need a charge lead they can sell you part number- HSP29615. (requires soldering on the correct charger plugs)".

Weight 171g, 6.03oz. Sanyo 4/5 "A" size cell. Individual Cell Internal Impedance 25.0m?

Suggested charge rate non-peak detecting 215mah or less, peak detecting 1075-4000mah. 4 amps is the max charge rate through hobby pins.
SKU Number: RRC05H2150F

Price: $29.00 

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