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Radical RC 2500mAh NiMH 7.2V 2x3 Multiplex TX Pack - Product Image
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Radical RC 2500mAh NiMH 7.2V 2x3 Multiplex TX Pack

Side By Side, double stick, 7.2V FDK/Sanyo HR-AA NIMH. 6 cells, fits Multiplex radios.High capacity TX Battery if you are sick of your TX running down. Yes, it is the same size as your current AA pack. A "AA" is a "AA". This is what your computer TX should have came with!

Maintenance charge rate for this pack is not to exceed 70mah.

Break in (first forming charge) on 50mah factory wall charger 700mah-19.6 hours,1100-30.8 hours,1650-46.2 hours, 2500-70 hours. For 70mah wall charger deduct 28% of time, for 100mah wall charger deduct 50% of time. Forming charge (initial charge) on peak detection chargers is not recommended and voids warranty.

Any peak or fast charger use on this pack voids warranty. Don't bother calling trying to get a warranty for failing to follow instrcutions. I've heard all the stories. They all end like this, "My battery does not cycle well now." and "It worked ok for a while but now it runs down fast shortly after charging". If you put any AA cell over 1700mah capacity on your peak charger, it's bad. I've already made theses tests for you so you could avoid the pain. If you ruin one of these mega capacity TX packs, just order a new one and do better the second time.

SKU Number: RRC06H2500MPX-TX
Price: $33.00 

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