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Radical RC 720 Electric Flight Pack AAA Cells - Product Image
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Radical RC 720 Electric Flight Pack AAA Cells

This is the choice cell to replace old fashioned 270 and 350 Nicad electric flight packs. Slightly less weight per cell with nearly over 2x the flight time. Fantastic on any S-280 or S-300 / anything up to 6.5 amps constant. Ok up to 8amps fun-fly. Not for S-400 motors. Just as there are very few 5 cell NiCad ships that work there are very few 6 cell NiMH setups that work. Don't waste your time with 6 cell NiMH unless you know exactly what your doing. Wire length is 6", if you order connector it is set to about 2". Select your shape, cell count and connector below. An 8 cell pack weighs about 3.7 oz with wire and plug. Figure about .46oz per cell. Available in many different shapes and cell counts. Top pack is 8 cell Square, middle left is 7 cell flat, bottom left is 8 cell flat, right packs are 2 views of 8 cell square.
SKU Number: RRC0(6-10)H0720(F,S,B)
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