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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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Radical RC Quad Copter Designers Kit SHIPPING NOW - Product Image
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Radical RC Quad Copter Designers Kit SHIPPING NOW

And you thought the story about aliens at Wright Patt was just a conspiracy theory? At long last, a durable light weight quad copter airframe kit. This kit makes use of basic 10mm square carbon, fiberglass or aluminum tubes. All of our 10mm boom based Slow Stick hopups such as servo mounts, battery tray's, gear mounts and etc.... are compatible with our Quad Coper Designers Kit.

By making use of different motor systems and different boom lengths, you can make a quad of any size you like up to 1 meter (39") frame OD. Our motor mounts are light enough for small outrunners and strong enough for even 28mm size outrunners. You can use this kit as the basis for your special project. Want to carry your GoPro camera to get that special shot? Want to build a Quad FPV? Want to deliver a can of soda, or perhaps a bowling ball? The basis for all those fun projects is here.

The center platform is 5" in diameter. Each motor mount surface is 1 5/8" (41.27mm) square and on the same plane as the center component platform. All required parts are included to attach the battery pack mount on top or bottom of platform. Mounts for auxilliary booms are provided if for example you wish to mount a tail fin or place a gimbled camera on a boom between the motor booms. Wire for landing gear is provided. The gear is mounted on the motor mounts. A bending plan is provided. The kit may be configured for flying in either On-Axis (Cruciform or +) or Off Axis (Racecar or X) configuration.

What you get: All parts for center platform including main boom and auxillary boom mounts, 4 motor mounts, battery straps, fasteners/stand offs, wire and bending plan for landing gear.

What you need to add: 2 each 10mm square booms (GWS Slow Stick Booms and woodie arms listed in this category), 4 motors, 4 speed controls, stabilizer board of some sort, battery to match (usually 3S 2100 or so) and receiver.

Mark Harrison's Arcticopter II build log and flight videos. Marks excellent multi-rotor blog site and his use of our Designers Quad Kit and accessories as he evolves his multi-rotor concepts.

Price: $17.95 

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