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SPECIAL OF THE DAY!!! Thunder Tiger 3D Spirit - Product Image
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SPECIAL OF THE DAY!!! Thunder Tiger 3D Spirit

We only have 1 of these DISCONTINUED BY MFR./NO LONGER PRODUCED, aircraft left in stock!

Video of a Thunder Tiger 3D Spirit . a .40 size glow model that I pegged to be an excellent electric conversion. This kit is no longer in production. I have several in stock. I had stocked them as my next big cool .40 conversion kit after another model had been worn out. Never got around to marketing them. Killer aircraft as you can see from this impartial video.

Bear in mind my actual cost to ship this to you is generally $20 to $30+ in the USA. My USPS Priority Insured charge online is only $13 (hIGHLY recommended to protect your investment as this item cannot be replaced). Keep in mind, we hold the right to ship using the best most economical option available.

Finished weight I expect to be around 4 lbs with a quality power system. The box says 4.5 to 5 but I think it's much lighter and why I took and interest in this kit as my next show model.

Dave's Wicked Power Setup: Himax 5018-530; APC E-Prop 14-7; 6S Kypom 3800; and Castle Phoenix Edge 75 (Plug and Play soldering get fully connectored), or similar. This is a good price on a high class model more capable and lighter weight than most anything available today. And YES, this will be even better than the system in the video.

This one is a sweet ride!

Performance, 149oz static thrust on 65oz model, 4812 foot per minute climb rate @ 90 degrees. That's almost 1 mile or almost 60mph in the vertical lines. 67mph max speed. This will likely be the best overall setup you've ever owned and the coolest .40 size model you and your flying buddies have ever seen. This is exactly how I'd set it up for myself, no holds barred.

Furthermore, are you serious about flying? Then look no further, we have the perfect 3D plane for you. Designed specifically for the 3D pilot. Only limited by the control inputs from the pilot.

Wing Span: 53 "
Wing area: 725 sq. in.
Length: 57 "
Weight: 4.5 - 5 lbs.
Engine: .40 - .46
2-Cycle Radio: 4 Channel

Are you flying... better yet, well, you will... once you get you're Spirited at your local field. Everyone will think your a seasoned 3D pilot as soon as it goes airborne. Outrageous maneuvers will seem effortless, constant positive control while doing 3D has never been better. This plane is designed for 3D aerobatics and available in ARF version that only takes you a few hours in assembly. Built from precisely laser cut balsa and ply, covered in durable and easily repairable Oracover/Ultracote®. Large control surfaces that are counter balanced make 3D a breeze. The 3D Spirit will do Blenders, Waterfalls, Harriers, Elevators, Snap rolls, and more... Features: * State-of-the-art engineering that provide quick and easy assembly * Pre-built one piece wing with attractive trim scheme design and covered in Oracover/UltraCote® * Custom-built and covered by skilled craftsmen, built from top quality balsa and plywood * Lightweight construction, gives optimal power-to-weight ratio * Large surface area on all control surfaces: aileron, elevator and rudder provide quick precise response * Designed for the extreme 3D maneuvers such as Harrier, Waterfall, Blender, Torque roll, just to name a few.

Accessories Needed:

  • Radio Set: 4 Channel radio; x5 standard servos; Receiver and battery pack; 1 x "Y" style extension wire or 2x 10" ext. wire; 2x 20" ext. wires.

  • If Glow setup, Engine: Airplane engine 2 Cycle (.40 - .46); Glow Plug; Glow Fuel (10% - 15%); 1.5V Glow Starter; 12V Fuel Pump; 12V Battery; 12V Electric Starter; Glow Plug Wrench.

  • Adhesives: 5 minute Epoxy; 20-30 minute Epoxy; Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (thin CA) or Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (medium CA).

  • Tools: Hobby knife and blades; Fine-point or felt-tip pen; Phillips and flat head screw drivers; Long nose pliers; Diagonal cutting pliers; Mixing sticks for Epoxy; Drill bits (1/16, 5/64, 1/8); Paper Towels; Scissors; 1/2 masking tape; Straight building board; Reamer; and File.





SKU Number: TTR4572
Daves Wicked Power System Motor:  
Daves Wicked Power System Prop:  
Daves Wicked Power System Battery:  
Daves Wicked Power System ESC:  
Plug-n-Play, see my chosen plugs!  
Plug-n-Play Motor Soldering  
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