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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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SPECIAL OF THE WEEK Thunder Tiger 3D Spirit

We only have 3 of these aircraft and systems available.


Video of a Thunder Tiger 3D Spirit . a .40 size glow model that I pegged to be an excellent electric conversion. This kit is no longer in production. I have several in stock. I had stocked them as my next big cool .40 conversion kit after another model had been worn out. Never got around to marketing them. Killer aircraft as you can see from this impartial video.

Bear in mind my actual cost to ship this to you is generally $15 to $30 in the USA. My charge online is only $3. This is a good price on a high class model more capable and lighter weight than most anything available today. And YES, this will be even better than the system in the video.

53" Span
730 Sq. Inch Area
Finished weight I expect to be around 4 lbs with a quality power system. The box says 4.5 to 5 but I think it's much lighter and why I took and interest in this kit as my next show model.

Suggested power setup, Himax 5018-530 ($115.95), APCE 14-7 ($4.89), 6S Kypom 3700 ($114), Castle Ice Lite 75 ($102, Plug and Play soldering (fully connectored) $10. Cyber Monday Special $280 for the complete power system, everything soldered plug and play ready to rock. About $66 off. And, a world class expert professionally engineered power system will be at your finger tips. This is one sweet ride!

Performance, 149oz static thrust on 65oz modeo, 4812 foot per minute climb rate @ 90 degrees. That's almost 1 mile or almost 60mph in the vertical lines. 67mph max speed. This will likely be the best overall setup you've ever owned and the coolest .40 size model you and your flying buddies have ever seen. This is exactly how I'd set it up for myself, no holds barred.

Daves Wicked Power System  

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