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Sig Anniversary Piper J3 Cub 1/5 Scale Kit - Waiting List Order - Product Image
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Sig Anniversary Piper J3 Cub 1/5 Scale Kit - Waiting List Order

Celebrating Sig's Golden Anniversary, they are ecstatic to introduce the latest addition to their line of high quality Build It Yourself airplane kits: the 1/5 Scale J-3 Piper Cub..


They've put everything they've learned about model airplanes into this special kit: scale details, Sig laser cut parts, full size plans, a comprehensive instruction booklet.
All the features you've come to expect from Sig. Then they added a little something special. The new 1/5 Scale J-3 Piper Cub is so real, you may have a hard time separating it from the 1930's full size airplane. All of the details are included - a working side door and window, dummy engine cowls with "eyebrows", scale-like wire landing gear, a fully detailed instrument panel... even the realistic "bird's eye-view" window on top of the cabin. Add in a full decal sheet including Cub lightning bolts and you have a Cub standing far above the rest.

Wingspan 84.5 in 2146 mm
Wing Area 947 sq in 61.1 sq dm
Weight 7 lb 3175 g
Length 55.25 in 1403 mm
Radio Required 4-Channel, 5 Servos

Recommended Engines
.40 - .46 cu in (6.5 - 7.5 cu cm) 2-Stroke
.45 - .65 cu in (7.5 - 10.7 cu cm) 4-stroke

Kit Features
90% laser cut parts for accuracy and ease of assembly
Windshield and engine cylinders
Quality SIG AAA balsa and plywood
A super tough scale-like tail wheel assembly
Full size plans
Molded plastic parts for windows
Fiberglass cowling
A full compliment of quality SIG hardware
Fully illustrated manual to guide you from box to completion

Additional items required:
4 channel radio system with 5 standard servos
.40-.46 2 stroke or .45-.65 4 stroke glow engine
Propeller to fit engine
1 piece fuel tubing - SIGSH286
1 piece 12 ounce fuel tank - SUL429
2 pieces 3-3/8 inch main wheels - DUB338TC
1 piece 1 inch tail wheel - DUB100TW
4 rolls covering material
Optional DuBro Fuel Valve - DUB334

Tools Required:
Thin CA Adhesive
Medium CA Adhesive
Modeling knife with #11 blades
Drill with bits
Dremel Moto Tool with bits
Sanding Block
Sandpaper - Assorted Grits
T Pins

Temporarily out of stock, pending manufacturer production

SKU Number: SIGRC82

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