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Sig Kavalier - Waiting List Order

The heart of this beautiful airplane is it's superior wing design! The light, strong, built-up balsa structure incorporates built-in wingtip washout for superior stability and control. Even expert pattern fliers are impressed with the Kavalier's smooth, responsive flying ability. Make perfectly coordinated, in-the-groove turns. Fly through any aerobatic maneuver with rock solid precision. Flare out for slow, main gear only landings with no tendency to stall or snap roll. Highly recommended as a student pilot's second model! Balsa fuse, tail and wing with built in washout. Build it bolt on or rubber band mount wing with semi-symmetrical airfoil. Steerable nose gear, pre-bent aluminum landing gear and rugged plastic cowling and canopy included as are glow engine mount, full size plans and photo illustrated instruction book. Specifications:

Wingspan 55 1/2 in 1410 mm
Wing Area 575 sq. in. 37.1 sq dm
Weight 5 1/2 lb 2495 g
Wing Loading 22 oz/sq ft 6713 g/sq m
Radio Required 4-Channel
Engines .29 - .40 cu. in. (4.8 - 6.6 ccm) 2-Stroke

Notes from Dave: This is absolutely my favorite glow sport ship of all time. It's a classic kit. There was just nothing more exciting on trainer night than to have a graduated student come up with one of these for his 2nd or 3rd aircraft and ask me to test fly it. I dare say, I'd put a whole tank through the model and say, yes, it's still my all time favorite! The model is very pattern like for it's size, super smooth and yet retains all the personality of weekend sport ship. Friendly yet aerobatic and even aggressive if you set the throws for more spirited performance. They land like a dream, are utterly trustworth in any situation. You'll love it as I do.

Power Packages for setups in performance chart available. Includes Castle ESC, Himax motor and APC or Zoar Prop & Lipo Battery.

Electric Setup and Performance Chart
Power Pack #Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHClimb FPMEst. Top Speed
Pack #1 Himax 3528-1000411x746.26879,4907261185464
Pack #2Himax 3528-800511x637.669910,4307957197164
Pack #3Himax 3528-1000610x655.1123013,65010275283677
Pack #4Himax 5018-530811x736.7109211,66011375312779
Pack #5Himax 3516-1350310x641.24609,5505054113055

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 2200-3300mah used as trial cell in calculations. Presumed model weight of 78oz. @3 cells (added oz for higher cell counts). Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.

This kit is only shipped by Parcel Post to locations outside of zone 4 from our shop regardless of shipping method choosen.

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SKU Number: SIGRC39
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