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Sirius Super Test PRO ~SOLD OUT~

Sirius Super Test PRO ~SOLD OUT~

The NEW Sirius Super Test PRO. It will test any rechargeable battery up to 10,000 mAh and up to 14 NiCd or NiMH cells, 1 to 4 Lithium Polymer cells and even up to 7 lead acid cells (A 12V battery has 6 cells). It has an LCD display and is programmable fron 1 volt to 14 volts in .1v increments. Now you can test all your batteries including Lithium and lead acid.

Lab Quality battery tester for radio control batteries. Test batteries up to 10,000 mAh. Selectable 125,250,500,750,1000,1500 and 2000 mA load. Very few dischargers let you discharge below 250. The factory rates your cells at Capacity/5. So, a 700mah RX pack is rated at a discharge rate of 140mah discharge. An 1100 pack is rated at 220 mah discharge and etc.. This is one of the few cyclers that give you enough setting choices to get very close to actual factory tests.

Display resolution .1 mAh (0 to 999.9 mAh)
Display resolution 1 mAh (1000 to 9999 mAh)
Easy, Inexpensive & Accurate!...

"The SIRIUS SUPER TEST is a good tool, works great! I like the big 'Hollywood' screen, can watch it from the kitchen. ...Walt May"

Special note from Dave, Like all of George & Jo Joy's fine instruments, you'll find this one very accurate and bullet proof as well. Easy. Inexpensive. Accurate!

Peak Electronics warrants the Super Test PRO for the lifetime of the original purchaser.




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