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Slow Stick Vertical Stab Mount 4mm - Product Image
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Slow Stick Vertical Stab Mount 4mm

Tired of that out of kilter look you get from an off center tab? Maybe you just don't want reglue your stab from time to time as often happens. This little kit builds into a U channel perfect for your stab. Glue or cross pin your stab in. Pre-drilled holes in base are correct diameter to thread 4-40 socket head bolts. These can be the same bolts that hold your conventional horizontal stabilizer on. Also, a must if your converting to T tail. There is no stronger way to mount the vertical stabilizer.

Slow stick parts come in both 4 and 5 mm. 4mm is .157" or pretty close to 5/32". 5mm is a little over 3/16" at .197". Measure your parts before ordering.

Instructions: (Applies to both 4mm and 5mm unit)

The Stab kit has only 3 working parts. A bottom and 2 sides. The other two parts are alignment jigs.

1. Gently press the two sides onto the bottom (the bottom is the thick part with the two holes in it, the part you see best in the photo above is a side.) You'll notice there are matching finger joints between the parts. Finger joints are notches that fit together tightly. Get the 3 parts roughly square and uniform forming a U channel.

2. The other two parts that look like retangles with a "U" cut out in them are alignment jigs. You press these over the ends, wiggle them on carefully, one from each end until each is about 1/2" or so in from the end. The jig holds the 2 sides in perfect alignment with the bottom. Wick some thin CA into the finger joints between the the bottom section and each of it's two sides. Be careful not to glue your alignment jigs to the Stab Mount.

3. Pull the alignment jigs off and discard.

4. Slip your vertical into the stab mount. If it's a little bit loose (the foam they use has some varience in thickness) just add a layer or two of masking tape to the stab unti it's thick enough to be lightly snug.

5. Place the stab and it's mount onto your boom and notice how the bolts that hold the horizontal stab on will thread into the base plate of the stab mount. Notice additionally that your rudder is higher so you can get more elevator throw without contacting the rudder if you wish. Also, you locate the stab a little further forward in the mount to get even more elevator travel opened up if you want.

6. After finding the right location to glue your stab into the mount, Use Foam Safe CA or better yet the included GWS slow dry foam safe tube of glue to glue the stab into the slot.

7. Once the glue is dry, remove the nuts from your stab bolts. Now hold the stab in place as vertical as possible as your turn the screws from beneath the horizontal stab. Once everything is snugged up, reconnect your pushrod linkage and you've got a rock solid stab that's not going to come off and plenty of extra travel for your elevator.


Price: $3.00 

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