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Solder-It Kit with SolderPro 70 Butane Torch

The Solder-It Kit (SPK-8) is our most popular item among hobbyists. It contains one each of our four Solder Pastes:

Silver Bearing Solder-It
Aluminum Solder-It
Copper Bearing Solder-It
Pot Metal Solder-It
It also contains a Professional Grade Solderpro-70 Torch with a Catalytic (flameless) Soldering Tip, a Vinyl Storage Pouch, Removable Stand, Full Instructions and Warranty.

The Solder-It Kit will allow you to solder almost any metals as well as to join dissimilar metals like aluminum to copper, or brass to pot metal. Since all of our solder pastes flow at low temperature, you will be able to solder delicate pieces without distortion or in the case of electronics, without damaging insulation or delicate components. Similarly, for heavier work, you will not have to apply as much heat. Solder-It Pastes produce solder joints that are 5 to 10 times stronger than conventional solder. That is 5,000 to 28,000 psi depending on the metals you are joining.

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