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Steel 200 Tooth 4" Blade - Product Image
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Steel 200 Tooth 4" Blade

This is a 200 tooth fine 4 inch diameter thin precision finish high carbon steel circular saw blade, made in the USA. The blade has a rim thickness of approximately 0.027 inch (0.69 mm), plate thickness of 0.015 inch (0.38 mm) and a 1/2 inch arbor (hole). This blade is designed to cut soft and hard wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, brass, lead and aluminum). It is the best choice for cutting strips of wood because of the fine finish and minimal material wastage. It is a close replacement for the original Dremel fine blade No. 8004. This ultra narrow kerf blade MUST BE INSTALLED BETWEEN SUPPORT DISCS (not included) to control flex and provide adequate mount support and total thickness for the nut to seat correctly. If your saw does not already have them, you will need two precision support discs (not included in this listing). Please follow all safety instructions that come with the blade and the safety instructions that were provided by the saw manufacturer.
SKU Number: RRC4200
Price: $20.50 

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