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Sullivan 10 ounce Slanted Glow Tank - Product Image
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Sullivan 10 ounce Slanted Glow Tank

Tank compatible with all model fuels and smoke oils. Stopper included is for glow fuel only. Complete with all hardware and tubing required for tank. Generic photo from manufacturer to show general tank form. Height: 2-1/8" (54 mm). Width: 2-1/2" (63.5 mm). Length: 4-3/8" (111.13 mm) .


This Is 10oz Slant Type Flextank for Glow Fuel Operation from Sullivan.
Molded from a special flexible, translucent polymer making it easier to fit into tight places.
Very durable!
Easy to install and remove because it can be squeezed.
This tank kit includes all the hardware needed for glow fuel operation, including twist-tie clamps, brass and nylon tubing, heavy duty nylon caps, kunk, and rubber plug.
Can be reshaped with a heat gun if desired.
For glow fuel only!
One 10oz Slant Type Flextank
Capacity: 10oz (300ml)
Height: 2-1/8" (54mm)
Width: 2-1/2" (64mm)
Length: 4-3/8" (111mm)


Formerly SUL440 (discontinued), fresh supply incoming as of 6/14/18

SKU Number: SUL740
Price: $10.73 

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