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evoJet Orbit PRO R/C Pneumatic Dual Action Landing Gear Valve - Product Image
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evoJet Orbit PRO R/C Pneumatic Dual Action Landing Gear Valve

The evoJet Orbit PRO Dual-Action-Valve is designed for compressed air cylinders without a return spring (e.g. Robart, BVM), where both the extension and retraction of the landing gear or flaps are powered by compressed air. The PRO-Premium pneumatic valves are based on first-class miniature valves with Viton seals. These valves are equipped with new digital microcontrollers, making their handling even more convenient:

Freely programmable switching points for compatibility with all R/C receivers.
No more drifting of the switching points.
Completely EMC compliant (electromagnetic compatibility)

The valve is simply connected to a receiver- or controller-output just like you would connect a servo. This allows precise and easy pro-gramming of the switching points with the help of a small push-button on the valve. Two LED's informs you about the current switching state.

This dual version is suitable for dual action cylinders.
Press-button for manual operation
Air pressure up to 10 bar / 145 psi

Fitting selection:
A3: barbed pushover for 3mm+Robart
A4: barbed pushover for 4mm tubing
B: QS-3 for 3mm tubing
C: QS-4 for 4mm tubing

High flow rate of 12 l/min Power: 4.8 - 6 V / 100 mA Weight: 55 g incl. cable W x H x D: 40 x 32 x 30 mm
SKU Number: EVO0981P

Price: $122.00 
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