An Interesting Stick 600 is Birthed! Creamsicle Part 1

Edgar Harper has just finish “Creamsicle”. Orange has been my favorite color of late.

radical rc stick 600 creamsicle
John Harper’s Stick 600 “Creamsicle”

Hi Dave- (July 31, 2014)

Thought you might be interested in how my stick went together. It hasn’t flown yet, but is in the final stages of tweaking. Nice kit, parts fit well, although the tiny 8-1/2x11planform is a little hard for us old guys to decipher. ……

Here’s the thing- with a .10-size 370-watt motor and a 3s 2200 mah battery, it came out at 2.5 pounds! My club buddies are quite impressed, as I am not known for building “light.” I had to check to make sure I hadn’t left anything out. Guess I got the kit with ALL the good wood.

I’ll send you some pics and a flight report if you would like. Thanks for making such an excellent kit.


Thanks for the report. …………

Yes, it is a very light kit. Lighter than every other 40 size sweet stick kit every produced by at least 2 pounds. You’ve also used and exceptionally small motor and battery. My smallest recommended setup is probably about 8 ounces heavier. Were you able to balance it without lead?

I’m going to calculate your motor now and see what I think of your choices…..

Ok, looks like 3S and 12-6 prop you should be at 45mph pitch speed, 66 ounces static (weight 40 ounces), 2670 foot per minute climb rate at 90 degrees. Should be an amazing aircraft.

Hope we cross paths at an event someplace. I’d love to fly it. Send me some photos if you can. A video would be great.