Windows 8.1 Charms Bar KILLED! DISABLED! DEFEATED!

AFter extensive searching, I had to figure this out for myself. I believe this is the first and only solution to eliminate edge swiping annoyingly opening up the right hand Charms Bar and taking control of your pointer. 1/25/2014. It wasn’t actually all that difficult. Follow instructions below.

Windows 8.1 Charms annoyance defeated! Control panel (or begin typing “control panel”), select “Mouse”, Then select” Device Settings” tab. Then select “Settings” button. Un-check “Enable Edge Swipes”. This effectively disables the charms bar annoyance because it is not now triggered by the swiping on the right 1/4 of the touch pad. I also unchecked “Tapping”. Just re-positioning my finger to move the pointer was causing occasional selections of items on screen. Way too sensitive on the tapping feature and no way to adjust the sensitivity that I have yet discovered. So there you go, I’m now happy with Windows 8.1. The desire to do this as asked about in many forums and on YouTube but there are no published answers that I could find. I noticed in a YouTube video somebody had a menu up with these check box’s and was able (with some help) to find it today. Enjoy!