Stick 600 – Creamsicle Part 2

stick 600 creamsicle
John Harpers Stick 600, the business end.

To: John Harper: (July 31, 2014)

I made a mistake in that last email. I calculated the Power 15 from Eflight. If you used a Power 10 then it’s 36 amps, 11×5.5 prop, 2357 feet per minute at 83 degrees. Should be very impressive. That is a much smaller motor and battery than my lowest recommendation. I think your test flight is going to prove to me that I could have recommended something even smaller than I did.

I think you’ll end up around 405 watts if you meter it. You may be using a different motor than the E-Flight. I’m just guessing. Hope you can balance it. The normal motor on the small end of 3S that I recommend is about 8 ounces hanging out in front of the firewall. You’re only 4.3 ounces.

It should be a barrel of fun. You’r ship will do all that mine will do but at 1/2 pound lighter, it will be cable of doing them even slower. I’m wondering if you’ll have to add a touch of throttle to keep the glide from getting uncomfortably slow? That’s the only thing I would watch out for. It’s capable of descending under control in a nose high probably 45 degree angle of descent. But, you need a little speed to find a flair at the end. 😉 You’ll be amazed at how low and slow you can trust this airplane. If you’ve been flying a bunch of overweight models, this is really going to be different for you.