Bill de Blasio to resign?

It’s only a mater of time in my view. The police are continuing to turn their backs on him. He has earned a complete disgust from those the public value as indispensable protectors. How can this stand? What we are seeing is how effective ostracism can be. And, all the while, traffic tickets are down 90%, the predation of the drug war has been reduced. Officers are under instruction to withhold revenue from arrests and ticketing except where absolutely necessary. This of course begs the question, what the hell where they doing before? The society of NY hasn’t fallen apart. Be aware of the important lessons being demonstrated by accident in New York City. This partial shutdown just like government shutdowns can’t go on for long. It won’t take long for the public to realize how unimportant and dispensable such a huge overbearing government complex is. They will bring this “strike” to an end soon. My prediction is with the resignation of de Blasio.