Ryno Motors

At first I thought this was a fake viral video, however, it’s all true. Imagine a device that can go anywhere you walk, on the sidewalk, on the street, in an elevator or to the mall. Yet on only one wheel. It’s the on set of accelerometers and similar devices that are used in toy’s, phones and yes, in our hobby with FPV autopilots, multi rotor stabilizer boards and the like that make these kinds of device dreams a possibility. Could you build and program a project like this? You may not think you can, however, the stuff of this dream is all out there, all parts of the RC hobby you already are exposed to.

Explained in a diagram but not in words or text, if your quick, you see he’s telling you when it senses it’s leaning backward, it apply’s the brake or in the case of it standing still it reverses the motors. When it senses your leaning forward too much, it adds forward power to the motors to bring the wheel back under you. This is essentially how a Segway works. The mono-wheel seems so much more courageous however.

Visit Ryno Motors homepage.

Other attempts at the Monowheel:

And another take on this old problem:

History Channel Monowheel episode:

A Monowheel man powered cycle that really seems to work:


Dayton Hamvention 2012 May 18-20

Hamvention Aerial View
Hamvention Aerial View

Yes, everything you see in the lot is a vendor booth with the exception of the left most triangle. The entire building is full. Several RC vendors with cross-over products attend this event.

Audio Commercial for Hamvention

Hamvention Home Page

I had a ball here one year ago. Not exactly modeling, however, it’s a tinker’s delight. You need to attend this event once in your lifetime. Lots of radio, computer, antenna and misc here. You can see it in one day if you keep those feet moving fast all day.


$400 Flash Bulb Seen At SEFF 2012, Cool Video

Tanken By WildBill at SEFF 2012. Get a load of how big this event is and the 5 flight lines. A large portion of the field was locked out due to Mac leveling the grade of the runway and building the pond. Still plenty of room for 5 flight lines. Will there be 6 next year? Yikes! Oh yea, did I say carbon is conductive?

And the Aftermath Video includes a closer shot of the perps:


Night Bowling at SEFF 2012

This had to be the biggest hoot ever at a night fly. Heard the cheering from across the field, went to investigate and found alot of foam crunching fun going on. Had to be 200 spectators. It looked easier than it was, how could these guys miss so often?

Come to SEFF, learn that you can have more fun that you thought you could take. Stretch yourself.