Swap And Fly August 11, 2012 – Wingmaster Field

Wingmaster Field
Wingmaster Field
Every year in August the Dayton Wingmasters host a Swap and Fly. This year is the 4th annual Swap and Fly, it’s scheduled for Saturday August 11th. Last year we had a full house with a lot of merchandise being bought and sold. Every year it seems to grow and grow. This is an outdoor tailgate swap, bring your own tent/tables if you wish, give a good deal and get one. In addition we welcome you to fly with us at one of the area’s nicest fields. Cost to enter is free. $10 for selling space, first come, first serve. Food is available on site. We hope to see you there!

Swap And Fly
Swap And Fly

Gate Opens At 8:30 For Sellers / Set-Up Swap Meet Starts At 10:00 – Flying Starts At 12:00 – Flyer Below

2012 Wingmasters Swap And Fly Flyer

Wingmasters info and maps on Radical RC Workbench Blog

Wingmasters Club Website


1905 Wright Flyer Kit Wins Award

Flightline Photo borrowed from Ampeer Newsletter
Thanks to Ken Meyers and Keith Shaw (now both AMA Hall of Fame members) for all the work and effort continuing the country’s oldest ongoing electric fly in. The Mid-America Electric Flies. This years event was held July 7 & 8 2012 and is usually scheduled the weekend after July 4th holiday. This event is a gathering of friends and is attended by many builders. The group is full of electric flyers that were working hard at making electric work since long before it was cool or easy. It’s always a great time.

Sunday included an award for the Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer kit “1st Place CD’s Choice” award. All of us at Radical RC appreciate the award and recognition. It’s such a fun airplane to fly. Several people at the event flew the model including Keith Shaw who is now the proud owner of a kit. He reports to me this is only the 8th kit he’s purchased in his lifetime. Keith normally makes his own plans or occasionally builds from plans scratch building nearly all of his models. We consider it a high compliment that our 1905 Wright Flyer kit will cross the same workbench as a lifetime of award winning and hobby expanding projects Keith Shaw has completed.

The EFO group’s newsleter, the longest running journal for electrick flight. In this issue, coverage of the 28th edition of the Mid-America Electric Flies event. The Ampeer August 2012


The Man Aviation History Almost Forgot

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by Bob Taylor

Three men were involved in the invention and development of the first powered airplane-that’s right three. Everyone knows about the Wright brothers, but that third man was Charles E. “Charlie” Taylor, a quiet genius who loved cigars and the sound of machinery. Although he contributed to one of man’s greatest achievements, “Powered Flight,” his name was almost lost in aviation history–until now–and if it hadn’t been for Charlie that first powered airplane would never have gotten off the ground……

A worthwhile read, the history behind history.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  To read the full story on AvStop Magazine: The Man Aviation History Almost Forgot


About The Area Around Radical RC

Fred from Cary, NC asks:

Hi, just for fun, I googled your address (Google Maps View), and see some very interesting things near you.
You are across from Wright Field (Wiki). That could be fun. Do they let you fly RC stuff over there?
And behind you….looks like a park with lots of long slender ponds. Is it a park, or why did they make all that water? At first the satellite view made it look like a golf course, until I zoomed in, and realized it was water.

Thanks for your help…. Fred

I fly & test small field models in the field out in front of the shop. Every kit we manufacture has been flown there many times. You can’t fly on the museum grounds (across Springfield St inside the museum fence). Behind the Air Force Museum (official website) is a large runway and towards the north end of it there is a club, you must be active or retired military to fly there and join the club. Each year on labor day weekend they hold a large fly in called “DOGS”. Where anybody can fly there. Occiasionally there are other events there like last summer the World Jet Masters were held there. I’ve seen kite contests out in front of the museum also. In fact they used to hold the Dawn Patrol out front. This was great as we’d see nearly full scale replica’s flying over the shop and landing in the field out in front of the museum. However, that event has moved out back on the runway. But, if you stick up an electric model, the ask you to shut it down. Which is sad in a way. What a nice thing it would be for visitors to see people poking around in the sky as your walking into the Airforce Museum.

We get modelers in all the time that are in town visiting the Air Force Museum. Almost every modeler in the USA or Canada if given a chance will visit it at some time in their lives. It’s a great location from an aviation point of view for sure.

The lakes you see directly behind (west of) the shop and north are part of the well fields. There is an Eagles nest (or maybe 2 now) and people with long range lenses in Eastwood Lake park are photographing them all the time. Eastwood is open to the public and the lake south west of Wright Brothers Parkway (Harsman Rd, Woodman Drive).

Here is a virtual tour of the US Airforce Museum.

Dave, Radical RC


Virtual Tour Of USAFM

Thanks to Ken Eubanks for forwarding a fantastic link. Most RC’rs will make the journey to Dayton at least one time to vist the United States Airforce Museum. Maybe your at a great distance or life’s circumstances has kept you from visting as of yet. Here is something to toss in your bucket list.

National USAF Museum Virtual Tour