The Future of Vertical Lift, Bell unveils V-280 Valor Tilt Rotor Program

Potential now program looking for funding. Could this the be the future of tilt rotor military aircraft. Unveiled today. Check out the new Bell V-280 Valor Program.

Bell XV-3

Bell xv-15 Demo at Moffett Field 1985

Bell V-22 Osprey “The Secret Story of the Bell V-22 Osprey”


Charles Fauvel & His Tailless Sailplanes

charles fauvel sailplane
Doesn’t this look like fun? AV-22 Prototype

An innovative designer of flying wings, particularly soaring designs. I nice deep website with lots to read. I’ve often thought of kitting a scale glider at some point. Perhaps one of these designs will motivate me.


One Tow Plane, Two Models With Onboard Camera:

Charles Fauvel and his Flying Wings


How Much Magnesium?

If I hear him correctly, he says his handle is “AllSeer”. Yea, right! Notice his scalp before and after.


Worlds First Electric Heli Kit

The following photo and description is from Frank Beafore of Select Tech GeoSpatial. Frank has become a modeling enthusiast and UAV manufacturer as well. It appears to be an example of the first ever electric powered RC helicopter that was manufactured for general sale to the public. It’s an interesting unit. If you know more about it or the history of hobbiest early electric helicopters, please stick in a comment.

First Electric Heli
First Electric Heli


Attached is a photo of the first electric RC helicopter offered to model builders back in 1981. It was manufactured by Ishimasa Co, LTD, Tokyo. It used NiCad batteries with less than a 2 min. flight time. To train on it, you needed a 25 foot umbilical to supply current to keep it going. The tail rotor was coupled to the main drive via a fragile rubber belt that broke in mid flight. I do not think that it was 3-D capable.

I was lucky to get all the spare parts and the original instructions.

Cheers – FB

Below is a link to a website dedicated to Vintage RC Helicopters with lot’s of photo’s of this kit.

Vintage Radio Control Helicopter: VHRC Website


Whew, could you make the barnfind below a flyer???

Holly Dust-mites Batman!


Sopwith Camel and Spitfire

Hear and see two classics flying together. Great demonstration and audio of radial throttle by ignition. I think I could find a better way to remove the wheel chocks, how about you? 😉