“Dave, I Got to fly my lazy bee today and I only have one comment.


She flies every bit as good as with gas! Thanks for the set up!

My lazy Bee is a 42in wing with ailerons. Current setup is now a Himax 2812-0850. a Phoenix 25, and a 3S2000 mAh 15c LiPo. 10×6 e-prop. The bee went from 1lb.4oz (less fuel) with O.S. LA.010 to 1lb 14oz electric. The 10×6 prop only clears the ground on all three tires but I had no luck with ground launches anyway. It’s the same plane now with no mess. I just charge, assemble, and fly, at will! I’m drooling to get the Magic ARF set up the same way.”

Jim Rose”

November 2004