Home Made Pulse Jet

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Now what self respecting modeler hasn’t wanted to build a pulse jet? What a fun power system that would be. Video is an entertaining primer on the subject. Lots of fun video’s follow.

Pulse Jet Wiki

Hear a recording of a real V1 Pulse Jet

Looking down the throat for a real one running with modern video and sound equipment.

Below is a video of a Dynajet running. I’ve heard these on control line models at the Dayton Buzzin Buzzards speed dash contest. They make the loudest sound I have ever heard in my life. Imagine this whirling around your head at 200mph!

Below is a film from the 2008 UK Nats. Notice the pole he’s holding on to.

Paul Maddox Jets:

And of course, no coverage of pulse jets would be complete without an amphibious kayak race against a world class Olympic athlete. I am wondering if this pulse jet was the last thing this athlete ever heard. No hearing protection!


John Stossel freeloaders 3-25-11

Charles Darwin theorized (and I think quite correctly) If there is something there to eat, there will be something there eating it. It’s a fact of life that applies to economics as well as food sources. I know my readers are smart and will you’ll understand exactly how it applies to this video.

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Well I never have sent an email to say something good about anyone. But your shop is the BEST so far as I’ve seen. Damn you sent the stuff so quick it might interfere with my alcohol consumption this weekend. Shipping rates are great, prices are too and you seem like good people.

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