Little more for me please….

Yesterday without formal planning or awareness, I began an experiment about something for which I’ve always felt was a non issue for me, yet I had never quite formally established the ascertion as fact. Having spent the entire day hour by hour enjoying coffee, much of it quite strong I was indeed in rare bean nirvana. Even unto 7pm, I was enjoying my new found caffeinism enough to brew yet another pot. Not unimportant to the experiment, the supply of warm cups was maintained even as 9pm rolled around. Just then, it crossed my inner awareness, my father had always refused to imbibe in all things Columbian brew after 1 or 2pm owing that he wanted to be fully prepared for the following day. My consumpition unhindered, willingly topping my cup off one last time as 10pm approached. Now as I write to you, having only just become aware of my blind subject participation in said experiment: I am quite sure that through the hours of darkness, I did in fact nap several times.