Too Stupid to be Entrusted With Children

In our society there is a certain segment of brain damaged individuals who think they need to exert command and control over everything. Apparently there are 49 states that won’t even allow a child to bring or apply sunscreen at school without a doctors note. There is no excuse for this insanity. I think perhaps our money would be better spent building jail cells for those that think they “should” be able to control others in this way. The science of sunburn is well established. What you do to protect yourself is not dangerous nor does it involve any precription or abuse prone substances. Being upset about something isn’t enough. We need to push this variety of thoughtless individual out of decision making positions and care of America’s children. Individuals that think we need to treat basic skin care and hygene products like dangerous drugs shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Accept no excuses.

Listen to chief excuse maker Don Voelpel Director, Public Information (Contact: 253.571.1015) of the Tacoma School District below, he’ll explain why their rules trump federal recommendations, doctors and your own care decisions for your children.

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And local Channel 9 WCPO Tacoma Washington:

ABC news in a report titled “School Sunscreen Ban Leaves Student Severely Sunburned” awkwardly cuts these criminals some slack by stating “Sunscreens are regulated by the FDA as an over the counter drug.” What is totally pathetic about this nonsense is the FDA also regulate bananas, tacos and Band-Aids. Sunscreen, bananas tacos and Band-Aid’s are all items your child of any age can freely purchase and use. We’ve decided as a society that these are harmless over the counter items that do not need a prescription. Yet in our public schools wacko alarmists have seen fit to neuter your child’s ability to protect his own skin and health from even the most simple of environmental threats requiring a doctors note (prescription). All those involved in enforcing these hurtful pseudo “good for us” laws and rules in any way – Shame on you!

WIVB News Report about doctors note requirement:

This is my year of “Do Something About It”.

Here is the contact information for the perps in this story:
Don Voelpel Director, Public Information Published Phone Number 253.571.1015

Tacoma Public Schools K-12
Central Administration Building
P.O. Box 1357
Tacoma, WA 98401-1357
Email Superintendent Arthur O. Jarvis, Ed.D.,
Email Superintendent-Elect (Interim) Carla Santorno,

Point Defiance Elementary School
4330 N. Visscher St.
Tacoma, WA 98407
253.571.6900 (Phone)
253.571.6922 (Fax)
Principal: Olga Lay

Contact Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire
Tacoma Washington City Counsel

Abused children: Violet 11, Zoe 9. Mother Jesse Michener
Jessie Mitchners Blog
Email Mayor Marilyn Strickland:
Email Tacoma deputy Mayor Joe Lonergan:

My name is Dave Thacker, and I’m doing something about it.


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