Two Days Each Year I Avoid Spending Money

I enjoy the time spent with family on Thanskgiving and Christmas day. It’s a gathering of my direct family, uncles, aunts, cousins, spouses and so forth. It’s a blessing in life to have family to enjoy. I’ve never required anybody to work on these days in any position of responsibility I’ve had. Certainly there are jobs that must be carried out for a safe society to survive. Fire, police, emergency services, utilities and such. However, the local carry outs, neigborhood fuel stops, department stores and all the ohter mere convieniences in life are just filled with people that would for the most part rather be doing what I’m doing – spending time with family. 99% of you don’t work for anything so important that it needs to be running on those two days. Really, is your business that important?

I do my best not to be the reason someone has to work and not to reward those that ask them to work. I buy fuel, food, whatever is needed the day before. If I can live without it, I get it the next day. If my host asks me to fetch ice or soda or whatever, of course I go get it. I encourage you to consider respecting others family time also. It’s just two days, nothing a little reasonable planning can’t take care of.