Magazine Myths Debunked

An interesting demonstration clarifying some important myths perpetrated about magazine capacity.

Sheriff’s swear and oath to protect the Constitution. I am thankful this oath taker is serious and is taking the time to demonstrate some important points to us.


President to Use Children as Backdrop to Gun Control

Posted in my Facebook feed in response to using children from Sandy Hook to legitimize extra constitutional executive order anouncements today.

“Are we to be surprised? A prefix image to warm our hearts to action without results. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have had any impact at all on Sandy Hook. How long did the madman Lanza lay on the floor dead before anybody entered the room to see him dead? If he had to use a 6 round magazine, he could have merely changed it 4 times and accomplished the same result. 4-12 seconds. Are we to suppose this is effective change? This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with striking a blow against Liberty, against the Liberty of teachers and administrators to be free full citizens, armed if they choose. It’s about the reduction of choice, the reduction of Liberty, the preservation of criminal preference, the sacred “gun free zone” at any cost, even the cost of more children’s lives. How many more people must die while we placate this insane philosophy? It is pure madness to suppose that defenseless peoples are more safe. While I respect ones individual right to choose, it is pure evil to impose defenselessness upon another. In our day to day activities, it’s important to never allow this immoral position to assume the high moral ground. Do not stand for it. A working definition of religion is devotion and adherence to an ideal regardless of any evidence or lack thereof. So defined, we are clearly dealing with religious zealots. Do not allow them to force upon you their doctrine. There is no defense for opposing a teacher or any other citizen stopping the madman Lanza in a pool of his own blood. And I assert these opponents to Liberty are defending the capability of future madmen like Lanza to do exactly as they please. If the status quo cannot be maintained, then future incidents requiring immediate government action will be fewer.

We must not forget Rom Emanuel (D) confession of strategy:

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


This Weeks “Too Stupid” is Awarded to a City and it’s State

Since 2001 there have been 2000 American deaths in Afghanistan. Up to the election in 2008 there was quite a lot of grumbling from some about being involved in any kind of war or action. As if there is anybody that expects that war should be a popular thing to begin with. Since the election, we haven’t heard much about it from the anti-war, anti-self defense crowd. Isn’t it weird how it’s ok when they are in power but not when they are not in power? Amazingly during that same period there have been 5000 deaths in Chicago. We don’t hear much about Chicago and it’s enormous murder rate. It’s a wonder such a tragedy could be occurring on our own soil but it is seemingly ignored. Do those that hate our participation in any war really give a damn about American deaths? Is it the flexing of American muscle they really hate? Is it pretend concern for political gain? They ignore Chicago, one city with 2.5 X as many deaths. Isn’t it obvious the overriding concern is not American deaths?

I am a strong unapologetic believer in your (our) right to self defense. Thankfully those rights are spelled out in our constitution. I make no apologies for our constitution and I hope you are likewise and proud of America. It’s a terrible tragedy that so many people are dying in Chicago Illinois. Illinois is a non-free, non-constitutional state in the union we call America. In Illinois, you’re prevented from owning a handgun by which to protect yourself from a thug with a “handgun”. Is our country really a union of like minded people when we allow some citizens to be brutalized by politicians who think they have the right to pick and choose which constitutional rights their citizens can enjoy and which they cannot? Chicago, the most famous gun free zone forced on Americans turns into a killing zone.

Shame on you Illinois, shame on Chicago. The leaders of this state and city that continue to deny honest people the right to defend themselves are confederates in these crimes. These accessories to the crime should at the very least be charged and tried for manslaughter if not murder itself with each and every death of a citizen who was denied his right to self defense. The rights they deny have predictably made Chicago one of the most dangerous places in America to live and visit. A city more dangerous than Afghanistan. Any force that urges rejection of our constitution and constitutional rights of Americans, is a force for harm to mankind. I reject the wolves that wish our country or our individual citizens to become weak “sheeple”.

Wherever guns are banned there is a huge increase in violence. They will never learn. Where there are defenseless citizens, there will be criminals feeding on them. Isn’t it insane that people think the next gun law will be the one the criminals obey? Listen to lefties talk and try to blame everything but government weakened defenseless citizens

Chicago’s Killing Fields