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Cooper Smithing Bike
One aspect of our hobby I really enjoy is the interesting people I get to meet and converse with. There are tons of professionals, engineers and skilled craftsmen of varous sorts that touch into the RC hobby at one time or another. Many are not aware, but we supply goods into other disaplines. One of those is the custom bike building world.

Joe Cooper ording a new A123 4S2P writes: “These batteries have worked out so well for me, I have one on every bike I’ve built, here’s the latest in need of some power:

In 2010 Cooper Smithing took 2nd in Modified Harley Davidson in the AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building. They don’t mess around at Cooper Smithing Co.


“Good Evening Mr. Dave: My Name is Stephen Hamilton; I’m one of the Flying Hamiltons; which is my brother Jordan, and my dad. We have using your products for years now, and you are our exclusive supplier of batteries, switches, custom harness, and extensions. We are also flying electrics, and foamies… We also as a family travel to all of the IMAC meets in the south-east region. I’m currently in 2nd place points wise for my region, and took 3rd at the USA NATS this summer in Muncie…Enclosed are two pictures of my Velox 35%. All Radical RC battery packs, switches, and custom wire ext.

Stephen Hamilton
Flying Hamiltons”

August 2004