$400 Flash Bulb Seen At SEFF 2012, Cool Video

Tanken By WildBill at SEFF 2012. Get a load of how big this event is and the 5 flight lines. A large portion of the field was locked out due to Mac leveling the grade of the runway and building the pond. Still plenty of room for 5 flight lines. Will there be 6 next year? Yikes! Oh yea, did I say carbon is conductive?

And the Aftermath Video includes a closer shot of the perps:


DLG Electric Assist – Slow Stick Conversion

Image by Tabasco On The E-Zone

Check out “Tabasco’s glider lifter made from a slow stick. The E-Zone thread is HERE. Tabasco tells about his setup and the parts he employed to make his conversion.

I’ve seen a few of these built over the last couple years and the owners love them. One even lifts 3 meter ships! There are not to many ideas that cannot be executed with a Slow Stick.