The Mid-Am

Weekend of July 13 and 14 the Mid America Electric Flies takes place.

Download the PDF here: 2013 Event Flyer

One of my favorite events. This is a smaller event where I get some time to fly and participate myself. Dry camping is available on site. It’s in the back of a horse farm inside of a practice sulky track. An interesting setting to say the least. It’s a very well groomed grass strip. Yes, you can get a ducted fan in and out on it’s gear here. There are often many scratch built models here to enjoy. See you there.


1905 Wright Flyer Kit Wins Award

Flightline Photo borrowed from Ampeer Newsletter
Thanks to Ken Meyers and Keith Shaw (now both AMA Hall of Fame members) for all the work and effort continuing the country’s oldest ongoing electric fly in. The Mid-America Electric Flies. This years event was held July 7 & 8 2012 and is usually scheduled the weekend after July 4th holiday. This event is a gathering of friends and is attended by many builders. The group is full of electric flyers that were working hard at making electric work since long before it was cool or easy. It’s always a great time.

Sunday included an award for the Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer kit “1st Place CD’s Choice” award. All of us at Radical RC appreciate the award and recognition. It’s such a fun airplane to fly. Several people at the event flew the model including Keith Shaw who is now the proud owner of a kit. He reports to me this is only the 8th kit he’s purchased in his lifetime. Keith normally makes his own plans or occasionally builds from plans scratch building nearly all of his models. We consider it a high compliment that our 1905 Wright Flyer kit will cross the same workbench as a lifetime of award winning and hobby expanding projects Keith Shaw has completed.

The EFO group’s newsleter, the longest running journal for electrick flight. In this issue, coverage of the 28th edition of the Mid-America Electric Flies event. The Ampeer August 2012


Ampeer Newsletter and EFO Website

Edited and published by Ken Meyers, the Ampeer is probably the longest running electric flight newsletter on the planet. Lots of good information. One of the few things I subsribe to. It’s free and is published once a month. This months issue covers the Mid-Am electric fly in from which we just returned. You can see a photo of a very nice Radical RC Wright Stick that flew there and supurb shot of my Quad Copter in flight. Check it out and be sure to sign up for the newsletter. The EFO website where Ken keeps all his handy help pages and articals is linked at the bottom of this post.

Setember 2011 Ampeer With Photos
Ampeer Newsletter Website

EFO (Electric Flyers Only) The Future Is Electric (EFO Club Website) maintained by Ken Meyers, helpful articals and links. You can always find the link to the latest Ampeer Newsletter here as well as sign up to get your link by email every month.