SEFF 2012

What a great time it was! I’m always quite exhausted with show responsibilities having to go to SEFF only 1 week after returning from Toledo. I have to say however, the salve of SEFF hath soothed my fatigue. A few days into it I was feeling more rested and looking forward to flying. We arrived Monday evening. It was quite windy with substantial flying only in the evening with night flyers, By Thursday it was much better and improving hour by hour. The last 2 days were perfect flying weather. Got to fly the 1905 Wright Flyer in a big space for the first time. I really enjoyed it and look forward to another opportunity. We met and renewed friendships with many. The field now has a lake for float flying and it was active. A large portion of the field was off limits due to containing all the soil removed from the lake being used to bring it up to grade improving the runway. By next year the grass will be in and it will all be usable. Even with this project in mid stream, there was plenty of room for 5 flight lines. Can’t wait to see it and attend again next year. If your thinking of attending SEFF let me warn you up front. It will become a yearly trip for you. It’s nothing but fun from sunrise until you give up each evening night flying. thanks to Mac Hodges for hosting SEFF again at his phenominal flying sight again this year. Thanks to all the Feyetteville Flyers and other volunteers that make the event possible. See you there next year!