FPV and Flight Stabilization AMA Revised Policy

It’s important not to fall into the swirling well of panic and paranoia. We so often hear those kinds of reactions from the those less informed whenever the AMA speaks out on a subject. I certainly favor the future development of our hobby to included FPV (First Person View) technologies and flight stabilization capabilities. The AMA is working very hard to avoid having issues with government officials deciding each and every model flying activity needs to be regulated and centrally controlled. PLEASE observe common sense and do your part to help everyone avoid this kind of onerous over reaching oversight that seems to be the trend in America these days. It’s your and my job to do something about it. Check out the revised policy below on the AMA blog site.

AMA Revised FPV Policy


Not Surprising – The sUAS NPRM Release Date has been Pushed Back Again

According to the May update on DOT’s Rulemaking Webpage the projected publication date for the small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) has been pushed back to October 2012. Sources close to the project speculate that we may not see the somewhat contentious proposed rule until after the 2012 Presidential campaign. My money is on the later…

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