Ironic & True, Words Carry Many Meanings

Life is full of victory and disappointment. From the small things like considering how well a garden plant will grow, to considering how a model may (or may not) perform to personal relationships – some that develop fruitfully – others not so much, to outcomes of career choices and even to how we impact our country and world. I have noticed in our language, we have a word. A word that is always applied in supportive, positive and confident tones. It could be used in place of words like “faith”, “Knowledge” or “Confidence” in many of the same discussions and thoughts. Listeners would get the idea, because of the broad way in which we apply words in the English language. However, we don’t use it in place of those words. We won’t use it that way ever. In fact, using it in place of these words might even impugn or insult the reputation of someone. It suggests an undesired yet accepted likely outcome of failure.

Let me give you an example. John is faced with a difficult decision. On one hand he can choose “A” to benefit himself at the expense of another’s rights and property. On the other hand, at expense to himself he could choose “B” for which we would all agree is the honorable thing. We know John well and we know his character is above reproach. He’s trustworthy in the extreme, even when unobserved. If someone asked us what John will do, we can all confidently describe our prediction of his action. We might say things like, “We know he will do the right thing, he will choose B.” We might say, “We have faith (or confidence) John will make the right call, He’ll choose B.” These words carry with them our relative sureness of future events and the strength we see in John.

We use our subject word in another way however. Certainly you use it this way, yet I would suggest you might not have considered fully what you mean when you say it. When the reality of a situation is such that history, the facts, logic, your experience or the probabilities predict an unpleasant or unwanted result. We use another word to describe our desire for things to turn out favorably when consciously or subconsciously we know the result is likely to be unfavorable. Poor John, if all you can say for him is “I hope he will do the right thing.” Sad for your work if you hope to survive the layoffs. Sad for your business if you only hope to make a profit this quarter. Sad for everyone of us when all that is left is hope. Hope is a word of last resort, a salve, a word used to comfort us in advance of expected failure. It’s also a word of resignation, it always acknowledges lack of will to control or lack of control of a situation.

It’s not unlike the word “wish”. In fact, I’m not certain you could ever say it had any different meaning. I remember a lesson my late father would often repeat as I was growing up. When I was hoping or wishing out loud he’d ask me “If you put hope (or wishes) in one hand and shit in the other, what would you get?” Though the lesson seems crass outwardly, It doesn’t take too much thought to understand this lesson, it contains an important truth about life. That lesson was about replacing hope and wishes with action. If you want to avoid getting only a bunch of shit, forget about the hope and wishes, get out there and make your dreams come true, make it happen, do something about it.

My name is Dave Thacker, and I’m doing something about it.


Shame for Shame for Shame, Why is America so weak?

Four Star General Ham who gave this interview to a FOX reporter was relieved of command on October 18. It is speculated he was fired for disagreeing with orders to stand down.

As it comes to pass it turns out 4 Americans die in Libya at the Benghazi embassy. After months of begging for more security and 6 to 7 hours of begging for help during the attack and nobody came. Nobody was sent even though forces were less than 2 hours away. Our elite troops within hours of the site were not utilized to save our people. These troops are sworn to protect the life and liberty of American’s and they were not utilized. 300-400 emails received by the administration, including direct to the situation room (staffed by approx 30 senior officers 7 days, 24 hours) and the presidents office. Why so many attempts to get help? THEY WERE GOING TO DIE OTHERWISE. Our people were in a desperate situation. Do you suppose as each minute passed they were sure, they were confident boots would be on the ground, by parachute or helicopter to help them? Minute by minute they knew they would be saved. We are Americans after all! We don’t leave our people to die by choice!

Why when our public servants were under attack, when the video was playing live in the situation room, why were our people left to die? It is a horrible shame that these people were left to be killed when clearly we could have mounted a defense for them if our leadership had thought defending these Americans in government service were important enough to warrant decisiveness.

Furthermore, those that wanted to help were told to stand down. These people were left to die as if they were our most hated enemy’s. Maybe some other goal was judged more important? Were they gambling our people would survive and news reports that terrorism is “alive and well” wouldn’t hit the news outlets during a competitive election cycle? Were these Americans simply sacrificed in order to cash in on an opportunity to strike at free speech using the a movie trailer (one mans free speech) as the cause of the deaths? Was the attack on free speech merely an additional benefit of using this method to covering up the failure? They certainly did claim it was the cause on many occasions for which recordings are available for your review. Was it just too late and too tired out to do anything about it tonight? I don’t know if they were left to die for the advance “fundamental transformation” goals, political gain, for lack of will to act or just too busy. However, I am furious, disappointed and deeply ashamed that there is room in America, room in American hearts for such weakness and careless disregard for our citizens in need of help.

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Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi

Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi
Video’s showing our government officials reinforcing the lie that a video caused an angry mob to attack in Benghazi

Jay Carney White House Press Secretary Reinforcing the Lie on 09/14/2012

Hillary Clinton falls on her sword for the Commander and Chief even though she is not in command of any military resources:

Notice she describes the event as “In the fog of war.” However the only fog was in the decision between protecting American’s and doing nothing. War requires two parties to be fighting, Our government was not fighting.

The paper trail is uncovered:


Tin Whiskers

I’m not a big fan of the gradual banning of lead. Sure, I love kids and all that. However, the enviromentalists take everything too far with what they clothe in “for the greater good” arguments. It’s really an anti-capitalist movement. And, I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out what is pro-job about being anti-capitalist.

I can understand how lead in paint which breaks down slowly over time, becomes chips which get smaller and eventually turn into dust. It makes sense not to put lead in paint because we’ll eventually breathe it. However, no matter how hard I try to kick the dirt around on the floor, electronic circuits soldered with leaded solder or lead free solder don’t jump into my mouth. Maybe the difference is hard for some to see? What is it like to wield the power to ban an element on the perodic table?

So, on to tin whiskers…..

RoHS is an EU (European Union) directive that has become enforced law. RoHS means “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”. The problem is little consideration given to what is a Hazardous use of a substance and what is not. I don’t hear reports of children eating circuit boards or solder joints in wires for example. Is it about health and public safety, or about creating a portal by which government and regulatory bodies can exert command and control over huge industries and the influx of goods into a country?

Since the EU has issued RoHS directives, lead has been removed from most solders and from the tinning on electronic leads. Pure tin is now used for almost all electronic component lead tinning. Over time it forms whiskers of tin which are thinner than a human hair. They are only one crystal in thickness and they reach out and touch leads of other components. It’s often the reason why today’s TV’s and other electronics (including our RC gear) doesn’t last as long as yesterday’s. Failure of expensive satellites have been attributed to lead-free tinning of leads causing tin whiskers. It’s our punishment for letting the “zero tolerance crowd get traction and get this nonsense pushed into law all over the world. When you get a chance, in any way possible, do your part, do something about it.

Here are some great links, good reading and photos of our gift from the enviromentalists, “tin whiskers”.

I’m still looking for examples of children that were poisoned from eating circuit boards and wires.

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As long as possible, you’ll always be able to get “real” solder from Radical RC: Solder Pastes & Supplies