Bob Aberle writes:

“Dear Dave, Just a follow up to our meeting at the recent NEAT Fair. By the way the January 2002 RC Modeler will have the first published report of our NEAT Fair. Dates have already been set for next year; they are Sept. 13, 14 & 15, 2002. Hope to see you there again.

My reason for contacting you, at the Fair I purchased an 8 cell 720 MAH Sanyo NiMH battery pack from you. I just used this new pack the other day with excellent results. In my application I’m drawing 5.3 amps (at the start) on a Speed-300 motor geared 5/1. First flight was almost ten minutes with the motor running at full throttle the entire time. After landing the battery was only mildly warm. I have been fast recharging this pack at the field at 1.4 amps which takes an average of 30 minutes to reach a full charge. Do you feel the 5.3 amps is OK for these cells? I’m very impressed with the performance.

Bob Aberle
AMA 215
Event Director

Yes, they can take constant drains up to abut 6.5 amp range very well.”

October 2001