First Feedback On Dremel Table Saw Setup Jig

Radical RC Dremel Setup Jig

“Hello Dave…just a quick note about my recent order with you folk. All to often we let opportunities slip by to offer commendation and I didn’t want to let this one pass. I just had to say many thanks for you prompt shipping and the incredible products you have made available for the little Dremel 580 Table Saw. Your “table saw set up jig kit” is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I was getting so frustrated trying to get my newly acquired 580 saw properly set up that I was ready to sell it and simply go back to using my full sized Dewalt 745 when I stumbled across you site and accessories. In my humble opinion I think everyone should own your setup jig! What a wonderful and totally affordable accessory that takes all the guess work and frustration out of saw setup. Keep up the good work and I hope all the other accessories pictured on your site such as the miter slot slides will at some point be made available as well.

Many Thanks…Roland”

Dremel Table Saw Setup Jig

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Is Daily Low Self Discharge Rate and Important Factor in RC?

A customer asking about an unusual cell size of ours asks: “Are they are low self discharge?”

They are not Eneloops which would be the only NiMH I would classify as Low self discharge. This is almost a silly thing to consider because we come off the charger and go to the field in this hobby. We do not charge a battery, then start a 1 week hike at the end of which we fly the model. That specification makes sense for a flashlight or an emergency radio, not an RC aircraft. Others may have a different view. I don’t fly unless I’m coming off a fresh charge at the beginning of the day. Other systems are to the choice of the users but reckless in my view. Yet I offer the Eneloops for those seeking this value. There are no Eneloops this small. Also, I don’t like the Eneloop under fast charge “ever” conditions.

For RC, lets go over how silly this is;

Standard self discharge x 2 would be only 2% per day.

After charging, if we let a 500mah pack set for 2 days before flying, it would lose (500x.01) 10mah the first day, (490 x .01) 9.8mah the second day. Value at end of 2 days 500-10-9.8=480.2mah. 19.8ma lost over 48 hours or about .416mah per hour dissipated.

If we come off the charger and go to the field, a trip that takes 2 hours, the same rate of loss would mean our pack would be about 499mah since we loose about .416mah per hour.

So, perhaps, a low discharge pack is good for about a .2% advantage when you get to the field. And, to come up with that .2% I had to exaggerate the loss by double and suggest a very long trip to the flying field.

This is why this specification is essentially moot when it comes to normal day in and day out use of receiver packs in RC aircraft. Is it better? We’ll yes in some microscopic way, but to get it, what are you going to have to do? Accept an Eneloop you can never fast charge? Use a non-Sanyo cell? I see a lot of effort hunting something that has no real measurable benefit in our application.

It’s more arguable in a TX battery because we often use that battery over a number of weeks between charges.



C’etait un Rendezvous

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The greatest viral street racing video ever produced: C’etait un Rendezvous

5:30am, August, 1976, Paris…..

To avoid copyright infringement, I merely list a link below where I have found the film.
C’etait un Rendezvous on

Live and Let Drive “About Rondevous” A modern take on the famous video

An interview with the movie’s French director Claude Lelouch with subtitles:

Jay Leno “One of my favorite car films of all time; Rondevous….” as he makes a fast drive in California

Wiki page for: C’etait un Rendezvous

IMDB Data Base for Director: Claude Lelouch




Location: RAMS is located behind the US Airforce Museum on the Grounds of Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Area B.


Contact Email: Check Website

Access to the field:

GPS Geeks: 39.897681,-84.452741 ( 9.772873, -84.097123Station is accessible‎)

Address: Bridenbaugh Field, 10368 Baltimore Phillipsburg Road, Brookville, Ohio 45309

AMA Club Charter: #500 Formed: ???? History: FAST History

Club Dues: $105, $80 subsequently  Average Membership: 55

Memebership Limit?: No

Google Maps Satellite View
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Flying Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:am to Dark, Sunday 11am to Dark.

Membership Information: The club is open to all AMA Members.

Guest Flying: I have flown at this field as a guest.  These are a good bunch of guys.  FAST and the (Dayton Wingmasters) share a number of common members.

Over Head Shot Of FAST Field
Over Head Shot Of FAST Field

What you’ll find: The FAST club field is a beautiful site blocked off into the side of farm field.  There is ample ditchable ground around the field.  The field has a shelter with picnic tables and a storage building.  This is an active group with flying every weekend. 

Special Notes From Dave: It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned. Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none. It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.