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wright field
Radical RC, Proudly located in the Shadow of the greatest super power the world has ever seen.

Hi Dave,

Attached is a photo of a B-17 making a flyby over Wright Field. I think the shadow is about where your building’s located. Notice Huffman Dam and the train heading towards Fairborn on the old Big 4 RR.

Show this to Richard. He stopped by my tables at the Hara Arena Train Show a couple of weeks ago and I told him about this picture.


Steve Neff
Neff Video Productions

Vist Neff Video Productions to see model and full scale rail video and images.



At this moment, I’m outside on my back porch, I’ve got some scraps of lumber, cut end pieces from a house in I am repairing. The fire is crackling, it’s not too cold to be warmed today. My wife and I just returned from seeing Lincoln. I must say there were a few parts of the movie that made me wish I had studied history more and knew it better. Lots of little details in this movie. Lincoln is unquestionably the most moving and fantastic movie about historical events that I have ever seen. I can tell you without hesitation that Sally Field (plays Mary Todd Lincoln) will be receiving every award assignable for her part in this movie. She nearly ran away with it from her first scene. Daniel Day Lewis did complete justice to the unassailable character of Abraham Lincoln an will without a doubt be decorated as well. Every actor in the film pulls off their parts to perfection. It is as if you are there with Lincoln rooting for the end of slavery, pulling for the 13th amendment. I felt complete immersion in the story.

What a horrible scourge on our country to have ever given into the evil of slavery. It’s a savage, evil an unethical practice. I was in part angered then saddened as to today’s state of affairs where Lincoln’s role, a Republican congress & house is minimized. How curious it is that Lincoln was a republican, he had full republican support and had to fight bribe and threaten the Democrats at every turn to clean this filth from our country’s future. History’s greatest Republican gave the full measure of himself. How did we get from there to where we are today?

Lincoln is a stunning experience. Those that love freedom and the fundamental ideals that gave us freedom will struggle as I did to keep a dry eye. Highly recommended, although it would be nice if more than the choir went to see it. Some ideals are worth struggling for, worth fighting for as we still do and I trust you do as well. Let freedom ring!

Dave Thacker
Radical RC

Internet Movie Database: Lincoln

Thirteenth Amendment: Wiki Page

Thirteenth Amendment: See Actual Document

News In History Blog Site with: newspaper reports from the era.

Fredrick Douglas Repuplican on historic voting record of congress and other facts: Did You Know?<\a>


B-25 Flight Complete At Last

I was cooler today but the ceiling was high and visibiliity was good.  Mostly cloudy, nice that some blue was showing.  I was in the second flight of the day so the engines were already warmed up, didn’t take long from strapping into to engine start and down the taxi way.   It was a great flight.  I tool lots of pictures and video.  I hope it all comes out well.   Soon as I have it processed, I’ll stick it up here.

I have to go to the shop and finish packing for SEFF which is running at this time.  We plan to be open in the vendor area Wednesday through Saturday.  Not sure how well my tether from laptop to phone will work there.  If it works well, I should be able to get some shots uploaded.

Our flight was the last one of a long week of flights the Barbie III crew put in.  It was a great time.   I heard they were anxious to head for home.   After disembarking, I asked one of the crew if he remembered his first warbird flight?  He said oh yes!  I told him that I just had mine.

Eddy Noble and son Curtis (remember Nikitis Aircraft) were on the same flight.  What a surprise to ride with people I knew.  They were kind enough to show thier 1946 Cub to my family.  It is in excellent condition.   Well over 100 youth have gotton a ride in Eddy’s Cub. Meeting Ed’s son, I can tell you he’ll be a successful postive force in the world. What a gentleman.

I’ll try to stick up photo’s and more details about the experience later in the week. I noticed a big uptick in visitors since I put the post up yesterday. Thanks for following!

Happy Flying All!


B-25 Flight Adventure Rescheduled



Went to Grimes Field in Urbana Ohio today for my B-25 ride.  It was a gift from my family for Christmas.  Scheduled for 12am.  It’s been beautiful around here all week until this morning.  Drisely all the way there.  Lots of people waiting.   Turns out flights were scheduled to start at 9am.  However the ceiling was too low for VFR (Visual Flying Rating)flying.  It looks like the B-25’s are limited to VFR conditions only.  Although, I am not certain, it is likely due to not carrying the equipment certified for modern day IFR (Instiment Flight Rating) flying.   The crew was waiting for minimum of 1500 foot ceiling before flying.  Thus the delay.   We were early so we had a great breakfast at the Airport Cafe.  The flight crew reported the flight would be delayed at least 2 hours. 

So, we visited the Museum and the B-17 Champaign Lady under contstruction/restoration there.  Got a wonderful up close Cleko tour from one of the volunteers.  Sat with the family Band talked a while.

Back to the lobby to check the weather/ceiling, still a no go.  We had some pie for which this cafe is well known.  I choose peanut butter.

Close up, the Barbie III looks to be in excellent condition.  For me, it’s not about an aircraft ride, it’s a little about riding in a warbird, but it’s mostly about feeling those two Wright R-2600-13 turbo-supercharged radials of 1,700 hp each pounding away from the inside of the aircraft.   I can almost feel my spine tingling just thinking about it.

After lots of conversation and discussing if we’d have all 3 meals in the cafe today, I checked again at about 4:10 and they had scrubbed all the flights until Sunday.  The ceiling never got above 1100 feet that I saw and at the time it was down to 700 ft..  I’m rescheduled for 10am on Sunday.  It’s going to be colder, low tonight about 36 I heard.

Will report back tomarrow.




Location: RAMS is located behind the US Airforce Museum on the Grounds of Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Area B.


Contact Email: Check Website

Access to the field:

GPS Geeks: 39.897681,-84.452741 ( 9.772873, -84.097123Station is accessible‎)

Address: Bridenbaugh Field, 10368 Baltimore Phillipsburg Road, Brookville, Ohio 45309

AMA Club Charter: #500 Formed: ???? History: FAST History

Club Dues: $105, $80 subsequently  Average Membership: 55

Memebership Limit?: No

Google Maps Satellite View
View Larger Map
Flying Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:am to Dark, Sunday 11am to Dark.

Membership Information: The club is open to all AMA Members.

Guest Flying: I have flown at this field as a guest.  These are a good bunch of guys.  FAST and the (Dayton Wingmasters) share a number of common members.

Over Head Shot Of FAST Field
Over Head Shot Of FAST Field

What you’ll find: The FAST club field is a beautiful site blocked off into the side of farm field.  There is ample ditchable ground around the field.  The field has a shelter with picnic tables and a storage building.  This is an active group with flying every weekend. 

Special Notes From Dave: It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned. Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none. It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.


W.O.R.K.S. (Western Ohio Radio Kontrol Society)


Location: Works is located south of Dayton in the country outside Carlisle.  


Contact Email:

GPS Geeks: Latitude N 39 35.587, Longitude W -84 20.508

Address: 10491 Carlisle Pike, Germantown, Ohio 45327

AMA Club Charter: #524 Formed: Oct/1958 History: Works History

Club Dues: $100 (Junior 25) Average Membership: ??? Memebership Limit?: No

Flying Hours: 10AM thru 9PM.  This site is on a full scale grass strip. Although full scale visitors are rare, right away must be given. 

Guest Flying:I have flown at the field as a guest during events in the past.  I am sure they would welcome any vistors if you want to check out the field.

Map from US Airforce Museum to WORKS: 
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What you’ll find: This is an outstanding grass strip with plenty of flying room and depth.  I was immeadiately comfortable flying there.  There is a shelter with picnic tables, safety fence and worktables near the flightline.  FThe club extends and open invitation to Old Timer flying every Thursday. 

Satelite Image with PILOTS and MODELS

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Special Notes From Dave: It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned. Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none. It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.



RAMS Club Logo

Location: RAMS is located behind the US Airforce Museum on the Grounds of Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Area B.  


Contact Email: Check Website

Access to the field: Combination lock

GPS Geeks:  +39° 46′ 22.34″, -84° 5′ 49.64″  ( 9.772873, -84.097123Station is accessible‎)

Address: See club provided map below and on website.

AMA Club Charter: #2434  Formed: 1969   History: RAMS History

Club Dues: $5    Average Membership:  60     Memebership Limit?:  No

Flying Hours: Because this flying field is inside controlled airspace (Wright Field) , flying is generally limited to after 5:PM to sunset weekdays and generally 12:nooon to sunset on weekends.  There are some other restrictions and special dates the field is closed, be sure to check the Park Rules on the RAMS website for the official information.

Membership Information:  The club is open to all AMA Members who are Military, Retired Military or base contractors.  Civil servents and retired civil servents also qualify.  Essentially anybody who has or can qualify for a base pass.

Guest Flying:  Club Secretary (2012) Keith Numbers informed me pilots in with a base pass who are here for a short stay (AFIT students for example) are welcome at the  facility as a guest.  He said to please contact the club for information and proper procedures & etc…  Notes from Dave (writer of Radical RC Workbench Blog): Of course, all clubs appreciate being appreciated with funding, so if your going to be around a while, join up and do your part.

RAMS Flying Area Map
RAMS Flying Area Map

What you’ll find:  The RAMS have a paved runway.   There are no shelters, power or picnic tables, so be sure to bring any needed chairs, power or shade with you.  The flying area is nice and open without obsticals.  It is the choice place to test out extra large or fast models such as turbins.  If you’ve ever been to the DOGS airshow, the RAMS field is at the far right end of the DOGS flying area on the crossing taxiway.  

Special Notes From Dave:  It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned.  Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none.  It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.


About The Area Around Radical RC

Fred from Cary, NC asks:

Hi, just for fun, I googled your address (Google Maps View), and see some very interesting things near you.
You are across from Wright Field (Wiki). That could be fun. Do they let you fly RC stuff over there?
And behind you….looks like a park with lots of long slender ponds. Is it a park, or why did they make all that water? At first the satellite view made it look like a golf course, until I zoomed in, and realized it was water.

Thanks for your help…. Fred

I fly & test small field models in the field out in front of the shop. Every kit we manufacture has been flown there many times. You can’t fly on the museum grounds (across Springfield St inside the museum fence). Behind the Air Force Museum (official website) is a large runway and towards the north end of it there is a club, you must be active or retired military to fly there and join the club. Each year on labor day weekend they hold a large fly in called “DOGS”. Where anybody can fly there. Occiasionally there are other events there like last summer the World Jet Masters were held there. I’ve seen kite contests out in front of the museum also. In fact they used to hold the Dawn Patrol out front. This was great as we’d see nearly full scale replica’s flying over the shop and landing in the field out in front of the museum. However, that event has moved out back on the runway. But, if you stick up an electric model, the ask you to shut it down. Which is sad in a way. What a nice thing it would be for visitors to see people poking around in the sky as your walking into the Airforce Museum.

We get modelers in all the time that are in town visiting the Air Force Museum. Almost every modeler in the USA or Canada if given a chance will visit it at some time in their lives. It’s a great location from an aviation point of view for sure.

The lakes you see directly behind (west of) the shop and north are part of the well fields. There is an Eagles nest (or maybe 2 now) and people with long range lenses in Eastwood Lake park are photographing them all the time. Eastwood is open to the public and the lake south west of Wright Brothers Parkway (Harsman Rd, Woodman Drive).

Here is a virtual tour of the US Airforce Museum.

Dave, Radical RC