Slow Stick Bipe Photo’s – Kern Hanson

Check out Kern Hanson’s Slow Stick Bipe creation. I can see parts from various models and he altered the wing mount system to hold the motor a bit higher than the stock setup would have been. The whole point with Slow Stick mods is to do it your way. Great Job Kern!

Kern Hansen's Slow Stick Bipe in Blue
Kern Hanson’s Slow Stick Bipe in Blue

Dave here’s a few pictures of a Slow Stick Bi-Plane I built using a couple of your SS hop up parts. It’s very stable and fly’s nice and slow 🙂

Thanks !!
Kern Hanson

Notice those top wing Ailerons?
Notice those top wing Ailerons?

Radical RC

Radical RC is located at:  5339 Huberville Ave, Dayton Ohio  45431-1250.  937-256-7727

GPS Geeks: Latitude N+39° 47′ 10.62″, Longitude W-84° 6′ 51.61″

Website: Radical RC (

Hours: Mon-Tue-Wed 9-5pm,  Thur & Fri 9-7pm, Saturday 10-2pm,  Closed Sunday
Booth at ModelRama?: YES

Our shop is directly across from the Airfroce Museum.  Almost driectly across from the flag pole.  When you exit Woodman Dr (also called Wright Brothers Parkway) onto Springfield Street, the Air Force Museum grounds are on your right.  On your left on a parallel road (Huberville Ave) there is a small neigborhood.  There are several commercial buildings on this road.  Radical RC is one of these buildings.  It is a single story 3 unit 3600 square foot block building.  There is usually a large white trailer parked in front of or beside the building.  There is no sign visible from the street.   Just find 5339 Huberville and your there.

What you’ll find:  One of the country’s most unique suppliers.  You won’t see much of anything from the big two (Horizon or Hobbico).  You’ll find all the supplies you need to really build a model airplane and of course all the model electronics we are world famous for.  This is a “Flying Machines” shop.

Visual of the Area:

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RadicalCast #007

We discuss New Battery Lasts 1500 Cycles, Avoiding Miracle of Flight Enamorment, Thinking Through a Power System – a continuation of our power system theory series started in Radical Cast #002. We discuss an actual model I fly, the GWS Sky Hero. You’ll want to have the Setup and Performance Chart below in view to follow along.


Thinking Through a Power System product link at

“Hi, my name is Nick. I’m from Prop Buster’s R/C club in Richmond, IN. I recently bought a brushless motor from you for my GWS P-51 Mustang. Thanks to your help. My plane flies a lot better than it ever has before
(in spite of my poor piloting skills).

The software you used to determine the proper set up for my airplane was very helpful…thanks for all your help. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Nick Edward Jones”

October 2004


“Dave, I finally got to fly the micro stick today, and the Python 30 with a 7-6 prop is a fantastic combination! The finished model weighs in at 4.5 oz and, once trimmed, flies like a dream. The first flight was a tad hairy for
the first few seconds, but the plane came home in one piece after about an hour in the air. Nice design, easy to assemble, plenty of room for the flight electronics and servos, and I plan to order the Mini Stick soon. Once I saw the article in RC Microflight, I definitely had the Micro Stick at the top of my list of planes to try this summer. The airborne package is:

GWS-R4P receiver
Phoenix-10 speed controller
Python 30 brushless motor (because I had it on hand…I bet your hand-wound converted disk drive motors would work just as well)
7-6 Prop
700 ma Kokam LiPo battery
HS-50 servos

The plane handles the added weight of the motor, speed
controller and battery just fine. Thanks for a really
good design…I would highly recommend this model to anyone
with some flying experience who wants a hot little plane
that’s a real blast to fly!

Pete Favolise”

August 2004