Dayton Hamvention 2012 May 18-20

Hamvention Aerial View
Hamvention Aerial View

Yes, everything you see in the lot is a vendor booth with the exception of the left most triangle. The entire building is full. Several RC vendors with cross-over products attend this event.

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I had a ball here one year ago. Not exactly modeling, however, it’s a tinker’s delight. You need to attend this event once in your lifetime. Lots of radio, computer, antenna and misc here. You can see it in one day if you keep those feet moving fast all day.


RadicalCast #004

Cast Topics: 2011 Dayton Hamvention, Basic Proportions of Aircraft Design and a discussion with Connecticut’s Ned Bassic of West Mountain Radio, an expert with Anderson Power Poles, power distribution and high current testing.

Show Notes:
Dayton Hamvention
Radical RC Stick 400
Batteries America
West Mountain Radio
Rig Runners
Ned Bassic’s Favorite Anderson Crimper