If it’s Dark Matter, Flush It Down

A collision of galaxy clusters about 3.5 billion light years away.
I’ve got no business commenting on something I know so little about, but here goes nothing…..

From the moment I heard this theory that 80% of the universe was made from an as of yet un-discovered “dark mattter” it reeked of another “scientific hoax” or perhaps just some high level silliness. Apparently, for current gravity theories to be correct, it is required that there be a 400% increase in the amount of matter in the universe. So, to save this theory, the theory of “dark matter” was created. Alternatively maybe the purpose is to keep scientists funded, get funding for the Large Hadron Collider and etc….

Why does this theory sound silly? Simple, we have samples of the Moon, Mars, Comets, Asteroids and etc. We have the entire earth, we’ve been in space for a very long time gathering information and materials to study (think of the money that is costing) and you’re telling me we’ve not been lucky enough to come across a material that science theorizes makes up 80% of the universe? Holly Shit Batman! How could we be so unlucky? It’s like saying there is a society on the earth that has never discovered water. It’s silly that something so common should be so hard to find. Perhaps if we keep funding the study and they look long enough they’ll find the Dark Matter. It’s obvious isn’t it?

Let me take a swag at the gravity problem: Maybe the gravity forces in the universe reaches out 4x as far as previously thought or perhaps it reaches on into infinity. Perhaps there is no distance as which you could travel from the earth where the gravity of the earth would not have some effect on you even perhaps an effect too small to be measured by current methods. Perhaps the 400% increase in matter required is just all the mass of the universe in the background all being added together. Or maybe the universe is just bigger than they currently imagine and the mass it there, just at greater distances. By looking through telescopes we look back in time because of the time it takes like to reach the telescope. We can currently look back billions of years. This is assumed to be the edge of the universe. Maybe there are objects even further out that haven’t been seen yet because the light has not reached us yet. Please consider my pet theory to be worth about what you paid for it.

To me it seems a little more likely that Scientists are people also and they want to have an ongoing successful careers. It’s about securing study money to keep the train rolling. You don’t get to study anything if you can’t keep your lab funded. This is probably the underlying reason for many of history’s scientific hoaxes.

Never forget the science of the 70’s: We are running out of oil!
Before that: We’re slipping into an ice age!
Yesterday: The sea is going to rise and drown our cities, the world is boiling over it’s Global Warming!!!!
Today: Global warming has been so discredited to the point they now call it “Climate Change”!!! Yikes, the weather is changing!!!

If I turn out to be wrong, well, I didn’t know much about it anyway. It’s just setting off my stink-o-meter as another theory soon to go down in history as pure bullshit.

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.

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