Ekranoplan Big as a Football Field

I have always been very interested in the Ekranoplan platform. Although not much unique ever came from the slaves of communism, this remains one fascinating concept. Could it have been used to deliver thousands of troops to New York or Los Angeles, under radar and at high speed? An Ekranoplan is a fast ship with wings. It’s not a “flying boat“. They are ground effect machines, never taking to the skies. Ground Effect is generally described as limited to a zone no higher than the wingspan of the craft.

History Channel, “Soviets Top Secret Weapons” Starting with the Ekronoplan segment:

History Channels “Soviets Top Secret Weapons” entire episode below:

An amazingly SLOW Radio Control Ekronoplane from Japan:

Is that small electric or 2 stroke power plants? I’m not sure. It sure looks BIG for a model.

A modern Seagull IV WIG:

From Russia, Ride aboard Aquaglide-5:

Promotional Aquaglide-5 video. Great early video inside.

English with the thickest Russian accent you’ve ever tried to decode!

Information sites related to Ground Effect Vehicles:

What is Ground Effect?

The WIG Page – (Wing In Ground Effect)

Most complete info and photo site for various creations: Rada Craft – What Else Is There?

Dark Roasted Blend Blogsite: Ekranoplans Showcase with photo’s of real and concepts.


Biden: Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns

Listed on Drudge, an article from The Weekly Standard reports:

“Vice President Joe Biden revealed that President Barack Obama might use an executive order to deal with guns.

“The president is going to act,” said Biden, giving some comments to the press before a meeting with victims of gun violence. “There are executives orders, there’s executive action…..”

Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns

After 4 minutes and 20 seconds of excuses and other low information voter mindless jibberish, Joe Biden gets around to confessing: “the president is going to act, there are executive orders that can be taken..”

What is next? Liberty does not die all at once, it’s step by step. One small step at a time. And those that suffer it’s loss often participate voluntarily.

Below quoted from: History.com “this day in history” segment.

“…January 30th….. In 1933, president Paul von Hindenburg names Adolf Hitler, leader or f√úhrer of the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi Party), as chancellor of Germany.

The year 1932 had seen Hitler’s meteoric rise to prominence in Germany, spurred largely by the German people’s frustration with dismal economic conditions and the still-festering wounds inflicted by defeat in the Great War and the harsh peace terms of the Versailles treaty. A charismatic speaker, Hitler channeled popular discontent with the post-war Weimar government into support for his fledgling Nazi party. In an election held in July 1932, the Nazis won 230 governmental seats; together with the Communists, the next largest party, they made up over half of the Reichstag.”

Socialists and Communists working hand in hand in 1932 Germany? No, say it ain’t so! Could it happen here? Has socialism run a-muck again? In the 30’s it was deep hatred of Jews, today we are not too friendly to Israel and we hear much similar hateful speeches describing employers and the rich. Hate is hate no mater the target, it’s ugly. And, Germany is a good example of how easily Liberty can be uprooted and replaced by Tyranny while people cheer.

From the wiki page: Gun polotics in Germany we quote the following:

“The 1938 German Weapons Act… the law restricted ownership of firearms to “…persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.”

Additionally “Jews were forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition”

Yes, under Hitlers socialist Germany, law was enacted stating you must “show a need”. Sounds just like the enemy’s of Liberty today doesn’t it! The old battle to enslave or execute peoples by first disarming them has never ended. While it’s true the Germans were racist-socialists and the current leadership is anti-capitalist socialist, to gain power the methods are the same, a scapegoat is manufactured to blame all of societies woes (Even though mostly caused by government). It’s not long before there are Purges & reeducation camps. Have they successfully convinced you that employers and entrepreneurs are to blame? We hear about it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC and CNN on an almost nightly basis.

Another important point on “need”. No where in our US constitution is the word “need” used to describe our rights or privileges. Use CNTL-F to search the US Constitution: here Sadly, this campaign to judge maters and make law in the USA according to need started a long time ago. It was written by Karl Marx “to each according to his needs.” Read Karl Marx in context on the wiki page: Here It’s part of a fascinating paragraph where he describes the highest goals of his society as “after labor has become not only a means of life but life’s prime want;”. You might notice (if you take time to read it) that “Pursuit of happiness” is never suggested as an important value. I think Karl is describing the perfect slave, his highest want is labor. The same wiki page linked above also describes Karl Marx’s Communism as “scientific socialism”. Not my words mind you. These people and the views they espouse and promote are dangerous. Can you reject the path they suggest?

Directly dictating our constitutional rights by executive pen, that’s a dictatorship. Perhaps we are a socialist dictatorship now? Have you un-wittingly supported the end of America? Have you hid your head from all the warnings? Are you sick for not doing enough to stop it? Do you even care?

It’s the normal condition of man around the world to be on average – dirt poor and subject to tyranny. It has remained that way throughout the ages with only rare exception. America is a great experiment to see if Liberty can triumph over tyranny on a long term basis. That experiment tests the idea of short circuiting the natural movement towards tyranny by establishing a non-centralized form of government. A non-concentrated management of the country were “We the people” can have meaning. Yet, we drift willingly to concentration of more and more power in fewer and fewer hands. And where are we? We are so soft now that the President can have his VP float trial balloons about possible dictatorial orders without fear of significant reprisal or political penalty. Our lives depend on fighting for Liberty day and night with our every breath and stroke of pen. When Honey Boo Boo gets higher TV ratings than either political convention, there is no question, apathy has become completely entrenched. It’s almost over America, what channel was Honey Boo Boo on anyway sweetheart?

When will they come for you? When will they come for me?

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.
What will you do about it today?


Sopwith Camel and Spitfire

Hear and see two classics flying together. Great demonstration and audio of radial throttle by ignition. I think I could find a better way to remove the wheel chocks, how about you? ūüėČ


The Value of Money

What is the value of money based on? Listen with care. This is a highlight of a series of 100 podcasts which I’ve been working my way through.

It begins: “There’s a famous moment in the play of “Peter Pan”, when he asks the audience to save Tinkerbell by joining him in believing in fairies……”

A History of the World in 100 Objects: 072 Ming Bank Note Podcast.

Series Title and link to home page with RSS feed; The History of the World in 100 Objects


B-25 Flight Complete At Last

I was cooler today but the ceiling was high and visibiliity was good.¬† Mostly cloudy, nice that some blue was showing.¬† I was in the second flight of the day so the engines were already warmed up, didn’t take long from strapping into to engine start and down the taxi way.¬†¬† It was a great flight.¬† I tool lots of pictures and video.¬† I hope it all comes out well.¬†¬† Soon as I have it processed, I’ll stick it up here.

I have to go to the shop and finish packing for SEFF which is running at this time.  We plan to be open in the vendor area Wednesday through Saturday.  Not sure how well my tether from laptop to phone will work there.  If it works well, I should be able to get some shots uploaded.

Our flight was the last one of a long week of flights the Barbie III crew put in.  It was a great time.   I heard they were anxious to head for home.   After disembarking, I asked one of the crew if he remembered his first warbird flight?  He said oh yes!  I told him that I just had mine.

Eddy Noble and son Curtis (remember Nikitis Aircraft) were on the same flight.¬† What a surprise to ride with people I knew.¬† They were kind enough to show thier 1946 Cub to my family.¬† It is in excellent condition.¬†¬† Well over 100 youth have gotton a ride in Eddy’s Cub.¬†Meeting Ed’s son, I can tell you he’ll be a successful postive force in the world. What a gentleman.

I’ll try to stick up photo’s and more details about the experience later in the week. I noticed a big uptick in visitors since I put the post up yesterday. Thanks for following!

Happy Flying All!


B-25 Flight Adventure Rescheduled



Went to Grimes Field in Urbana Ohio¬†today for my B-25 ride.¬† It was a gift from my family for Christmas.¬† Scheduled for 12am.¬† It’s been beautiful around here all week until this morning.¬† Drisely all the way there.¬† Lots of people waiting.¬†¬† Turns out flights were scheduled to start at 9am.¬† However the ceiling was too low for VFR (Visual Flying Rating)flying.¬† It looks like the¬†B-25’s are limited to VFR conditions only.¬† Although, I am not certain, it is likely due to not¬†carrying the¬†equipment certified for modern day IFR (Instiment Flight Rating) flying.¬†¬† The crew was waiting for minimum of 1500 foot ceiling before flying.¬† Thus the delay.¬†¬† We were early so we had a great breakfast at the Airport Cafe.¬† The flight crew reported the flight would be delayed at least 2 hours.¬†

So, we visited the Museum and the B-17 Champaign Lady under contstruction/restoration there.  Got a wonderful up close Cleko tour from one of the volunteers.  Sat with the family Band talked a while.

Back to the lobby to check the weather/ceiling, still a no go.  We had some pie for which this cafe is well known.  I choose peanut butter.

Close up, the Barbie III looks to be in excellent condition.¬† For me, it’s not about an aircraft ride, it’s a little about riding in a warbird, but it’s mostly about¬†feeling those two Wright R-2600-13 turbo-supercharged radials of 1,700 hp each pounding away from the inside of the aircraft.¬†¬†¬†I can almost feel my spine tingling just thinking about it.

After lots of conversation and discussing if we’d have all 3 meals in the cafe today, I checked again at about 4:10 and they had scrubbed all the flights until Sunday.¬† The ceiling never got above 1100 feet that I saw and at the time it was down to 700 ft..¬†¬†I’m rescheduled for 10am on Sunday.¬† It’s going to be colder, low tonight about 36 I heard.

Will report back tomarrow.


Expanding Your Airfoil Knowledge

Erik Dahl Christensen’s Airfoil History
If like me, you love to design aircraft and want to get a better handle on airfoils, Eric Christensens’s site is an excellent study. Click his home link to find calculators and other sailplane design information. Even if your not into sailplanes, the information is clearly presented and it’s influenced my thinking and understanding of airfoils on many levels. Studying other aircraft disciplines will help with your discipline whatever it is. I found the Airfoils section of this site very interesting. In fact, I may go back and give it a read again soon. I’m saving the link here for that purpose and to share it with you. I am currently working on my first sailplane kit and this site has helped me a great deal. Get some glue on your fingers!