Home Made Pulse Jet

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Now what self respecting modeler hasn’t wanted to build a pulse jet? What a fun power system that would be. Video is an entertaining primer on the subject. Lots of fun video’s follow.

Pulse Jet Wiki

Hear a recording of a real V1 Pulse Jet

Looking down the throat for a real one running with modern video and sound equipment.

Below is a video of a Dynajet running. I’ve heard these on control line models at the Dayton Buzzin Buzzards speed dash contest. They make the loudest sound I have ever heard in my life. Imagine this whirling around your head at 200mph!

Below is a film from the 2008 UK Nats. Notice the pole he’s holding on to.

Paul Maddox Jets:

And of course, no coverage of pulse jets would be complete without an amphibious kayak race against a world class Olympic athlete. I am wondering if this pulse jet was the last thing this athlete ever heard. No hearing protection!