Introducing Yuri Bezmenov

Yuri is a soviet Defector. A KGB agent trained in the long range plans of how world communists plan to take over the united states. Hear it direct from a KGB agent. His language is quite direct. He became an anti-communist lecturer and author. He tells it just like it is, the flowchart, step by step. Many people from the past tried to warn us of the present times they wished us to turn away from. Yuri is among them.

Interviewed by G. Edward Griffin about the KGB’s subversion tactics.

A seminar given by Yuri in LA, 1983.

Yuri also used a pen name “Tomas David Schuman” and is author of 4 different books. Some of which are rare and very expensive:
(1984). Love Letter to America. Los Angeles: NATA. ISBN 978-0-935090-13-0. OCLC 19468210.
(1985). No “Novosti” is Good News. Los Angeles: Almanac. ISBN 978-0-935090-17-8. OCLC 45013143.
(1985). Black is Beautiful, Communism is Not. Almanac-Press. ISBN 978-0-935090-18-5. OCLC 62325386.
(1986). World Thought Police. Los Angeles: NATA. ISBN 978-0-935090-14-7. OCLC 23919332.

Wikipedia: Yuri Bezmenov